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Solar – Personal Power Project for your Home and Business is your best choice!
We are your Local Company, and we are also Nationwide in most states.  How can we be both Local and National?  In the states and cities where we install Solar, we have Local installers working for Local companies as W-2 employees that are within driving distance to your home.  We are affiliated with major solar installers like Freedom Forever, Sunrun and Tesla.
Freedom Forever and Sunrun are up, and Tesla is down!
Working as affiliates from many Renewable Energy companies enables us to give you great discounts and great service and support. It also gives you one point of contact for your Local and National questions. No more sitting on the phone waiting for hours to talk with customer service, while pushing buttons, listening to long messages, and talking with people from other countries that can barely communicate with you.  As you know, the lowest price isn’t usually the best service and support. Although we currently do not install Solar in all states, we do sell Renewable Energy Products in all States and Cities and some products even Globally!

Solar – Free DIY General Estimator by You!
This gives you a starting point on how much equipment costs and what you might want or need.  You might even do some of this yourself.  Setting up a solar system completely off-grid without permits is legal in California and most other states.  You should do your research to make sure, as you still might need some building permits.  We do off-grid ground mount solar and recommend hybrid on-grid/off-grid.  On-grid for the minimum solar cost and for utility backup if needed.  Off-grid for charging EV’s that go at least 200 miles and then use those EV’s with bidirectional charging to power your home and make up the difference of power you need and a greatly reduced cost.  This is a very good plan for homes going 100% electric with no natural gas.  This also works best for homes in rural areas with acreage.  Track homes with less yard space or roof space is less likely to work and, in some cases, still a possibility.

Solar – Free Complete Design Proposal by Us
Our Solar Team takes your calls and/or your DIY General Estimator and designs a Free Proposal exactly to your request and current needs, with our experience, knowledge, and solar consulting services.  You end up with the best possible solar system that fits your energy needs.  We also keep in mind any future plans for expansion like upgrading from natural gas home heating, gas car driving, and moving on to 100% electric, in the future!

The Business of Solar Consultants
We are recruiting Independent Representatives
$1,000 to you! –
every time you refer a homeowner that goes Solar
Dan Ringwald – 805-242-3004 call or text me their name & cell #
That is all you ever have to do, or you can turn this into a
Work from Home Business on your time building your business!
See our Free Training!

Dan Ringwald Renewable Energy – this video will explain how you can work from home, as little or as much as you like, earn while you learn, helping people zero out their electric bills, saving them approximately $100,000 in 25 years, while also saving the Planet!  Your income potential can be very high if you want to work that much or just balance your lifestyle and earn whatever amount works for you!  You also get Free Real Estate training by joining our Personal Power Project Team!

Who’s #1Freedom Forever and Sunrun are up, and Tesla is down!
As you can see from the chart the competition is heating up and that always means good deals and saving for all of us.  Have you noticed the reliability of the power grid is getting worse not better in California.  That’s because California is the #1 place for EV’s and population, and fires, with an old grid that can’t keep up resulting in continued power outages.  With more people running their own business and working from home, who are you going to call when the lights go off?
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Freedom Forever – means Freedom from high electric bills!
The Personal Power Project is an affiliate of Freedom Forever which means we get you the best price possible nationwide! The chart and article above say it all.  Freedom Forever is big, CA based, operates nationwide, and is getting bigger.  Our Solar Consulting makes it even better!  This is the company we use for Solar purchase, cash or solar no money down loans, 30% Tax incentives, which includes new roofs, for those showing yearly higher income that need some good tax write-offs!

Sunrun – is still the number one installer as seen on the chart above.
The Personal Power Project is an affiliate of Sunrun which means we get the best price from them as well and pass that on to you!  Sunrun is also based out of California and operates nationwide.  We use Sunrun for Solar Lease and Purchase Power Agreements, fixed income, retirement, and lower income are best using this for lower monthly payments and no tax write-offs.  We have a lot of good experience with Sunrun.  Need a new roof?  Sunrun will do that too and include that on the no money down loan.

Tesla – Great Products, not so great on Service
We are a Tesla Affiliate, and our suggestion is to use that for cars and other products.  Tesla Solar is moving down the Top 10 Chart on solar installations and Tesla Service is going down too.  We do not recommend it for solar installations.  The price of Tesla Powerwall is very high compared to other companies and Tesla is making no efforts on bidirectional charging, when all other EV companies are.  Most likely Tesla wants to sell as many Powerwall’s as possible before bidirectional charging from other EV’s force Tesla into finally getting in that game.  Bidirectional charging will be a big plus for powering homes with EV’s, your next mobile power station!

Free Tesla Powerwall’s – 3 for FREE worth $39k – How I got them and how they work. What will be the biggest power suck in your home?  It could be your EV, or it might be your electric water heater.  If you have a Power Monitor, you will soon find out.  This video will give you some ideas on how to balance your EV power demands so you can lower your monthly electric bill and even go off grid if you want.  There is also a short video on the Tesla App about charging Powerwalls from the Grid when you have Solar! Proof that this works below.

Get Qualified – for your 100% Free Tesla Powerwall Backup Battery $15,000 value per battery.  This is tricky because the door opens and closes very quickly for these Free programs, so you need to be ready when they open.  The easiest way is to be on a Medical Baseline Program with something as simple as Sleep Apnea.  View the information by clicking on the links below.
Dan Ringwald 805-242-3004 call/text with any questions.

Free Tesla Powerwall Backup Batteries!

  • PG&E – video on qualifications for Medical Baseline
  • Medical Baseline – information
  • Qualifications – for Medical Baseline – takes 4 weeks to get signed up.
  • SGIP – openings for Free Tesla Powerwalls

Swell Energy – Solar, Backup-Batteries, and VPP
Personal Power Project – is a Swell Energy Affiliate
This helps you get the best price when working with us!  The video above explains they not only help to keep your power on they also save you lots of money.  These are tesla batteries of which we are an affiliate with Tesla and Swell.  You should contact us first so we can help determine which company to work with and why you might choose one over the other.  You also might qualify for Tesla Powerwall batteries through Swell Energy as another round of California funding is coming in 2023 for more Free Batteries! If you live in CA and you are constantly having your power shut down by PG&E or SCE a backup battery will solve that problem.  If you currently have solar, and the power goes off, your solar stops working too.  That is the case for all solar installations until they have a backup battery.  If you Don’t Ask, you Don’t Get, so call now!
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CA Solar Net Billing 4-13-23 Deadline! – Get Grandfathered in Now!

Solar and EV Chargers – saving – Short Term Rentals!
Airbnb – Your competition and more rentals are eating your Profits!

We are helping people to become Energy Independent.
Earn while you Learn and go from Volunteer to Career in the Renewable Energy Field.  We make generating Income from the Sun Fun and Easy!

Want a Part Time Job?  A little social media marketing, maybe a few door hangers, emails, and phone calls, in your spare time, is easy.  Run your part time business the way you want, when you want, and generate some income.  We are here to help you get started and help you build your business.

    • Google Project Sunroof – Free Solar Estimate – Google has made this a little easier.  They have a website for confirming the amount of Solar a homeowner needs and the estimated cost and time for breaking even.  Compare that to any company proposal.  If they are close, they might be, The Real Deal.

2016 Chevy Volt goodbye Nissan Leaf – Why did we trade in our Nissan Leaf for a 2016 Chevy Volt and then traded that for a 2018 Volt?  This video is not an in-depth review.  It’s just a few major and minor reasons why we made the switch.  While making this video we found out these cars are actually modifying people’s driving habits from improved safety features.  Leasing our Nissan Leaf on our personal account gave us no tax advantages.  We switched with the Volt to leasing on our business account. That provides a good tax write off for the full lease amount per year without having to track miles, trips, and all the other accounting.  Electric vehicle leasing has gone up from 25% to about 75%.  People are getting too smart to get stuck with battery replacements which on this car could cost as much as $30,000.
It’s good to lease!!!

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