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Personal Power Project – Facebook – FB Message DanIt’s good to spend some time on the Personal Power Project Facebook page.  You will soon see the FB Messenger will give you an option to get your support through the SB REIA FB Messenger as well.  That is really where our support and education is provided in a big way.  Check them both out to see the difference.

Free Tesla Powerwalls – 3 for FREE worth $40,000 – How I got them and how they work. What will be the biggest power suck in your home?  It will be your EV electric vehicle and the power that is uses will still cost less than gas!  This video will give you some ideas on how to balance your EV power demands so you can lower your monthly electric bill and even go off grid if you want.  There is also a short video on the Tesla App about charging Powerwalls from the Grid when you have Solar! Proof that this works below.

Get Qualified – for your 100% Free Tesla Powerwall Backup Battery $15,000 value per battery.  This is tricky because the door opens and closes very quickly for these Free programs so you need to be ready when they open.  The easiest way is to be on a Medical Baseline Program with something as simple as Sleep Apnea.  See the links below and get signed up for all and then  text me, Dan Ringwald 805-242-3004 when you are ready to get your Free Tesla Powerwall backup batteries!

  • PG&E – video on qualifications for Medical Baseline
  • Medical Baseline – information
  • Qualifications – for Medical Baseline – takes 4 weeks to get signed up
  • SGIP – openings for Free Tesla Powerwalls

Thieves discover stealing Tesla Powerwall batteries is a bad idea. 

Thinking about people stealing Tesla Powerwall Batteries?  Tesla has designed them to be worthless to steal as seen at the link above.

We are a Tesla Affiliate which means you get discounts when you click on our link or the picture above which shows a Tesla Integrated Solar Roof and a Tesla model 3 and a Tesla Backup Battery by the garage doors.

If you live in CA and you are constantly having your power shut down by PG&E or SCE a Tesla backup battery will solve that problem.  If you currently have solar, and the power goes off, your solar stops working too.  That is the case for all solar installations until they have a backup battery.

Home Batteries – the video above explains they not only help to keep your power on they also save you lots money.  These are tesla batteries of which we are an affiliate with Tesla and Swell.  You should contact us first so we can help determine which company to work with and why you might choose one over the other.  You also might qualify for three Tesla Powerwall batteries with all hardware, permits, and labor approximately $40,000 for 100% Free.
If you Don’t Ask, you Don’t Get, so call now!
Swell Readies $450M Financing Solar-Plus-Battery Virtual Power Plants


V2H Smart Charging – Use your EV to Power your Home!

If you don’t qualify for Free Tesla Batteries there is a better way and we are getting closer to that every day!  As consumers we need to make the wise decisions and let the car companies know.  Offer V2H or I will not purchase.

Mobile Solar, Wind, and Light Generator Trailers

Imagine the possibilities here where you design the system with as much or as little as you need so that it’s just right for you.  On or off the grid and no permits needed most of the time because it’s mobile! Take it where you want and use it how and when you need it.

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We are helping people to become Energy Independent
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Generating Income from the Sun!

We make generating Income from the Sun Fun and Easy!

Want a Part Time Job?  A little social media marketing, maybe a few door hangers, emails, and phone calls, in your spare time, is easy.  Run your part time business the way you want, when you want, and generate some income.  We are here to help you get started and help you build your business.

Yes, people are sceptical, and yes, being scammed is the number one fear of the human race for a good reason, it happens.

Google has made due diligence a little easier.  They have a website for confirming the amount of Solar a homeowner needs and the estimated cost and time for breaking even.  Compare that to any company proposal.  If they are close, they might be, The Real Deal.

After you sign up, we have more opportunities for you as seen on our Contact page.

The easiest way to generate income from the sun is to put the worker bees on your roof and go solar.

If you don’t have a home to put solar on, remember, we can help you with that Part Time Job?

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Tesla meets SolarCity in Santa Barbara – We created this video at the Santa Barbara REIA 2-27-16 meeting and YouTube Videos which gives some very good information on what it’s like to own and drive a Tesla Model S all-electric car.  It also covers SolarCity services, installations, finance options, backup batteries, micro grids, and how they will eventually get homeowners totally off the grid.


2016 Chevy Volt goodbye Nissan Leaf – Why did we trade in our Nissan Leaf for a 2016 Chevy Volt  and then traded that for a 2018 Volt?  This video is not an in-depth review.  It’s just a few major and minor reasons why we made the switch.  While making this video we found out these cars are actually modifying people’s driving habits from improved safety features.  Leasing our Nissan Leaf on our personal account gave us no tax advantages.  We switched with the Volt to leasing on our business account. That provides a good tax write off for the full lease amount per year without having to track miles, trips, and all the other accounting.  Electric vehicle leasing has gone up from 25% to about 75%.  People are getting too smart to get stuck with battery replacements which on this car could cost as much as $30,000.  It’s good to lease !!!

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