by Dan Ringwald / on 13 July, 2024

Best Net Zero Battery

Best Net Zero Battery is a very good YouTube video on the current state of Home Backup Batteries.  Just remember if you are in CA and make the jum
by Dan Ringwald / on 15 June, 2024

EV Charging Off Grid

Practical aspects of EV Charging Off Grid and EV Charging Off Grid - Google Gemini AI I have combined a couple of articles here to help you under
by Dan Ringwald / on 13 February, 2024

Tesla Batteries – Free

Two Tesla Powerwall's - For Free! They can be used with or without Solar Panels for home backup power and reducing your electric bills! Swell Energ...
by Dan Ringwald / on 19 January, 2024

Breathing through your mouth is killing you!

Andrew Huberman has done extensive research on this! If you want to be healthy, then shut the hell up!  😂 This sounds too crazy and funny
by Dan Ringwald / on 11 January, 2024

The Scary New Research on Sugar

Jessie Inchauspé, a French biochemist and bestselling author says the food we eat is not nearly as important as the order in which we eat it. She
by Dan Ringwald / on 25 December, 2023

Pebble Flow RV

Pebble | Where Home Meets the Road ( - Get ready for this company and their RVs to Rock your World! Personal Power Project - Futur...
by Dan Ringwald / on 18 December, 2023

NACS Progress for EV’s

NACS certification is ready! Now this is EV Progress.  This is a great article on how all EV's will be standardized for charging using Telsa's NACS
by Dan Ringwald / on 17 December, 2023

Turn your Play Time into Pay Time

Personal Travel vs Vacation - Personal Power Project - Nationwide Is it time to take a break? How about a vacation or some travel time. Turn you...
by Dan Ringwald / on 24 October, 2023

Electric Cars 100 Years Ago

Electric Cars 100 Years Ago Ah, The Electric Car! This is a fun to read article.  To think that 100 years ago one third of all cars in America we
by Dan Ringwald / on 9 July, 2023

100% Energy Independence vs 100% Off Grid

100% Energy Independence vs 100% Off Grid There really is a difference here and you can easily be 100% Off Grid and still missing two thirds of...
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