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Solar Rights Alliance – We have a suggestion!

Utility Companies – Get into the Rooftop Solar Game!
Utility companies nationwide are already contracting companies to build them very large ground based solar to feed their company client’s power.  They are already in the solar game!  So why are they fighting Rooftop Solar.  Because they are not in the rooftop solar game and have failed to understand how they can make money in the Rooftop Solar game?

An idea whose time has come!
Solar Leasing
is how Utility companies can generate income from Rooftop Solar.   The fear that utility companies have is that they will be out of business if rooftop solar takes over as everyone will want to be off grid.  The truth is utility companies will go out of business if they do not get in the rooftop solar game.  Elon Musk is a perfect example of how a utility company is born and raised without the need for the grid.  We are not saying we want or need to eliminate the grid.  In some cases we might always need the grid and preferably if it was all buried underground.  Underground is safer, looks better, stops wildfires, and is unfortunately three times the price of above ground.  Three times the price is not so bad if you need way less grid transmission lines due to rooftop solar especially using rooftop solar mini grids.   Utility companies can contract solar installations using all the existing solar companies doing the work but the utility companies pay for their share of installations and then lease out their share of rooftop solar as usual to residential and business locations.  Once the 25 year lease ends the solar might be getting close to needing a replacement and the lease can be renewed or extended.  The same goes for batteries or any other technology  that holds power as a backup.

Federal and State Governments – You need to require that utility companies provide some percentage of clean energy from specifically rooftop solar.  Once that process has begun they can increase the percentage requirements over time.  All Federal and State tax incentives should be there for utility companies, residential and business rooftop solar.  Also competitive rates from different companies to encourage higher returns for rooftop solar power returned to the grid.  This will now also benefit the utility companies as well because they are now included in the rooftop solar game!

Our suggestion?  Fill out the form and donate to any company like Solar Rights Alliance that passes your request to state agencies to mandate utility companies to get into the Rooftop Solar Game!

PG&E claims home solar is racist, wants to gut program

Full Article – I am sure if you checked PG&E most of their Investors are white, so stop the race card.  That is just another smoke screen.  The entire United States power grid is Betamax, VHS, and Blockbuster old technology whose time has past.  Decentralized Rooftop Solar for home and business puts an end to transmission lines which is 70% of everyone’s electric bill.  Of course all utility companies want to stop Rooftop Solar as it is putting them out of business.  Are we putting an end to fossil fuel?  Yes, and for a good reason, it’s killing all life on planet earth.  Have transmission lines killed people? Yes, from all the downed transmission lines that start fires.  Burying the transmission lines in the ground will cost three times a much.  Replacing transmission lines with Rooftop Solar as much as possible solves many problems.  Utility companies need to move into and expand on Rooftop Solar as a source of their income or go out of business.  Pure and simple!  Tesla is becoming a utility company with no transmission lines.  If Tesla can do it so can the current utility companies.  The government can help this transition with their usual tax incentives.

What’s The Best EV?

Great video review!  It’s worth your time to do the research.  For the last 12 years we have only leased EV’s as they change so fast and it’s all so new the last thing we want is to get stuck with one we really do not like.  We recently did a 2 year lease on a 2021 Nissan Leaf.  It might go 150 miles on a single charge but when you try to fast charge it the batteries get hot and the car goes into slow mode due to overheating.  It ok for driving around town but long distance, forget it.  Next for us will most likely be this 2022 Mustang Mach-E.  Watch this review and see.  It looks like the next best for us for a few years.  FYI using a C-Corp you can lease any car for your business and never have to waste your time tracking mileage, business trips, or anything else as long as it’s your second car.  You just write off the full lease amount per year and that is it!  Why spend more time dealing with tax reporting.

2022 F-150 Lightning

Finally! An EV that will Power your home when the grid goes down!
Let games begin!  Full article here 2022 F-150 Lightning – looks great!

2022 F-150 Lightning Platinum, Lariat, XLT. Pre-production model with available features shown. Available starting spring 2022.

Super Powers Only Electric Can Deliver
F-Series, America’s best-selling truck for 44 years1, charges into the future with the F-150 Lightning, elevated by all the advantages of electrification and packed with connected technology. F-150 Lightning is a powerhouse that delivers a targeted 563 horsepower and 775 lb.-ft. of torque – the most torque of any F-150 ever – an exhilarating drive, a high-tech frunk, and the ability to power your home if needed.

It’s the Shits – Septic Genie

Happy Recovery! 2021 – from Covid Lockdown! – Full Article here

We are getting closer to SB REIA Meetings at the Marriott!

It’s looking like September might be the big reopening! So stay tuned!

In the meantime let’s do some cleaning up!  Obviously most people will not have to deal with septic tanks, leach lines, or dry wells, as most people live in the city.  We all do have one thing in common.

Why Battery Electric Vehicles Win

This Stunning Chart Shows Why Battery Electric Vehicles Win

Here is an image we can keep in our minds for a long time!  Great article that shows the difference and as the cost of batteries goes down the overall efficiency goes up.  Remember, electric cars are like computers on wheels so the price will continue to drop just like computers have in the last 20 years.  The added BIG value will show up once we start using them as backup for our homes and load balancing to the grid where we get paid by our electric company from doing that at possibly $5,000 a year with no home electric bills due to solar and back up batteries.  A new program just came out to give you two FREE Tesla batteries worth $25,000 if you qualify.  Just call or text Dan Ringwald 805-242-3004 now to see if you qualify.

CA Power Outage Way of Life

How Power Shut Offs are changing California’s Way of Life

Every gas station, grocery store and restaurant closed due to massive power shut offs as part of the state’s efforts to avoid a major wildfire. The mayor found himself loaning out his personal pickup truck and RV, which have built-in generators, to the town’s 2,000 residents as they scrambled to save food in their refrigerators, charge their phones and find a way to stay warm.

This article is a sobering reality of the state of California’s power problems.  As sad as this is there is a silver lining!  California is now faced with helping to solve some of the world most difficult power problems and we will as seen below!

Home battery systems can help during power outages. So can the battery packs rolling around in electric vehicles

Last month’s preventative power shutoffs in California highlighted the vulnerability of the electricity grid to threats exacerbated by a changing climate.

In the wake of the forced outages, much has been written about the ability of solar PV arrays working in tandem with stationary battery storage systems to keep the lights on when the grid goes down. But what about the mobile battery packs carried in the hundreds of thousands of electric vehicles now on the road in California?

This article explains where I am placing my bets!  We just need Bi-Directional home charging and we have our emergency battery backups to last for days!

2.5 Million CA PG&E Customers Power Out for Days!

2.5 million CA PG&E Customers Power Out for Days!

Who you Gonna Call when your Power is Out? Now is the time for you to start making your plans especially if you live in CA because this is just the tip of the iceberg melting from all the fires!  There is no quick fix for the general public but there is a quick fix for us as individuals to regain our Personal Power and it starts with solar and backup battery for your home!

If you live in other areas of the US with major weather related damages and problems that result in power outages you too need to get your Personal Power back on track!

A good place to start is a call just to get your questions answered.
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Personal Power Project, we cover a lot of areas for your Personal Power that Tesla will probably never cover while on their journey to Mars and beyond.  We are a little more down to Earth solving your Personal Power Projects which include Personal Development as see at our Family Story!

We care if your lights are on and we are sure you do too!  You have the Power!

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