Emporia Energy

Emporia Energy

We are an Emporia Energy Affiliateuse when purchasing – 5% off.

Emporia does not sell or install any solar.  They provide battery backup for solar, EV chargers, power monitoring for your home or business to show you what every circuit, lights, and appliances, and what amount of energy is being used.  This is extremely useful information when it comes to replacing your inefficient appliances for those that use less power so you can cut your energy costs.  They also have EV chargers that let you make a profit from those that use it like tenants or businesses and set your profit margins via a cell phone app or computer.  Emporia will have a bidirectional EV charger in 2024.

PERSONALPOWERPROJECT – is our discount Code for this company so make sure you see that or put that in your check out cart before you purchase.  It will also show you the discount amount.
805-242-3004 – Call or Text – Dan Ringwald – if needed to confirm your discount amount. That is all you have to do if you go directly to their website, or you can select from some of the products below, as not all products are below. It should show the discount code for you, although you still need to look for it and the discount amounts to make sure you get the discounts as they can be substantial when purchasing high ticket items.

Emporia Support – This company has the best technical support of any company I have ever contacted.  It’s almost as if all support staff are engineers who have a lot of experience and are able to covey their information clearly and cheerfully.  I am impressed with Emporia support!

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  • Energy Monitoring Smart Plugs