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Personal Health – is a big part of Personal Power.  We know you will be very interested in some of these Health Products and Services.

Dr. Gundry – Your Health is his mission.  Dr. Gundry invests a huge amount of his time researching everything he can find to improve your health.  If you follow his recommendations, you will feel it, and you will show the results in your body and in your mind.
The Gundry MD Blog – Resources For Healthier Living – This is a good place to start your health education!
YouTube/@GundryMDYT – See all of Dr. G’s great videos as well.


What if the Road-Map to your Health turns out to be your Hair?

This could be a long battle between the Doctors, bought and paid for by the big Pharmaceutical Companies, and the Holistic Health Practices we all hope are true.  One thing’s for sure.  One size does not fit all.  Your due diligence is required here so do your homework and make your choice.   The Internet is filled with information.  Read it and learn.  With enough information, education, testing, and ultimately how you look and feel, you will find the answer that works for you.


Hair Samples and Nutritional Supplements

Maria Ringwald has been engaged in the pursuit of health for many years. Starting out as a Licensed Massage Therapist since 1982 and becoming a Registered Nurse in 1989; she has been engaged in many modalities and products over the years as she pursues her physical, emotional and spiritual health. She has realized that “feeling good” is one of the most important ways we can nurture and honor ourselves.

We had Dr. Greg Tefft at our SBREIA meeting in January of 2015 after being introduced to the tissue hair analysis that he had been doing with his clients. After doing our own hair analysis since April of 2014, we have found it to be a significant factor in achieving overall strength, immunity and a pain free body. Needless to say we will continue to balance our nutrients and feel good.

Please see the SBREIA Meeting 1-24-15 for more info as Dr. Tefft explains the benefits of having a roadmap for your health which can be generated from hair samples.

As a healthcare practitioner, Maria Ringwald, is able to offer this service for a reasonable cost and provide access to the supplements as well. She is available to discuss your personal goals and assist you in achieving optimum health.

The testing laboratory used for this process is Trace Elements Inc which provides the  analysis info and sends  a comprehensive report and supplement recommendation. You can request supplements for 30, 60, 90 or 120 days as recommended. Please get back to me with your request and I can have it shipped to you.

Trace Elements Inc. – The company that provides the tests and reports.  These reports specifically show the nutritional balance of the individual who has submitted their hair sample.  The report shows which foods they recommend to increase and which foods to decrease in order to balance the body’s nutritional requirements to maintain optimal performance.  Nutritional supplements are also recommended to speed up this process but are not required.

Consultations with Maria Ringwald  is the place to start and continue as you move through the process of balancing your body’s nutritional requirements.  We all want to live longer only if we are “feeling good”.   Taking responsibility for our health begins with knowing where we are nutritionally and taking steps to regain our  balance.

Please call or Text Maria Ringwald, 805-698-1165 cell, before each order so you get the information you need and know the amount and cost.

Your orders will show up on your credit card as a charge from NH Big Inc which manages all of our accounting.  After all, you are investing in your Health.  It is actually National Home Buyers Investors Group as seen at NH Big Inc  where we help you with Real Estate Investing too.

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