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Go Green and increase your Renewable Energy Independence!

Imagine saving $100,000 on your total energy costs over the next 10 years. You are now on your way to making this happen.
See Solar for some of the details.

As you fill out or update the form below give us an idea of your interests in the message field so we get a better idea of what you want.  Becoming Energy Independent means saving you thousands of dollars per year and having your power on in your home or business when the grid goes down, which it will. At least 70% of your power bill every month is for paying transmission costs of the grid not the actual power you use. Now you have a choice to use less of the grid, get paid by giving power back to the grid, or go off the grid completely and save all your excess power to your backup batteries or EV.  It’s your choice, your money, and your time.  We offer Home and Office Automation, Health, Personal Development, Contract and/or Volunteer opportunities where you can Work from Home and Earn while you Learn.
Leave us your information and we will help you build your dreams and your Business too!

The Personal Power Project is here to sign you up as a Renewable Green Energy Consultant where you can Work from Home and Earn while you Learn. Fill out the form and you can have it your way!