Automation and Light Controls

How does controlling your lights save you money?  If you only turn your lights on when you need them, and especially dim those lights, and turn them off automatically when you are done or out of the room that saves energy and money!     Even if you do not have energy efficient lights like LED.  Now imagine doing that with energy efficient lights.  Below we have a number of companies and products that control just about everything you can imagine and even do it from your cell phone when you are far away from home!  Now that is a handful of  Power!


The Belkin WeMo is fairly new on the market
It looks like it will be leader in home automation and works with iPhone and soon Android

If you didn’t have to fly across the country to see a rental property you would save a lot of energy. You can do this and much more with the X10 remote control systems. Imagine controlling everything in your home or remote property from your cell phone. Now you can as seen below.

Active Phone
Control everything from your cell phone

Active Home Pro
Control everything from your computer
see what is happening at home or on a commercial property

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