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EV Charging and Home Backup Batteries!

Use our Affiliate Links and for every $ Dollar $ we get, you get the same dollar amount, in Free Labor, on all of our services as seen at
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Solar Industry
where it’s at and where it’s going.  Read this page before ordering any products or contacting any other solar company so you save the most!

What is the motivation for you to use Affiliate Links from most companies? Not much most of the time so we have figured out a way to make using our Affiliate Links worth your time by giving you Free Labor as mentioned above.  You can get Free Labor on Solar Installations, Consulting on all of our services which includes Real Estate, Computing Services, Marketing and Web Design, Home Automation, the right models of EV’s to power your home, and much more! Now those are some very good reasons to use our Affiliate Links.

We are affiliates for a number of companies as seen below.  Each company will have a different discount code so make sure your checkout cart shows our affiliate code for their company products.  If you are not sure you are getting the discount you want, contact us and we help you through the Cart Checkout process! We will even fill the cart for the products you want and email you a link and all information to make sure it works for you. 805-242-3004 – Call or Text – Dan Ringwald 24/7 for my support!

How we Save you Money! – We help you order direct so there is NO Markup in Price from us here at the Personal Power Project on your Solar Project. That is a Big Savings as Solar installers are marketing up products anywhere from 13% to 30%.  Banks, as of 2024, are charging solar equipment loan fees to installers at as much as 30% which is another reason they are filing for bankruptcy and going out of business. Those that are still in business are passing those fees to their customers which is why you are not seeing the saving when solar panels have decreased in price by 50% over that last few years. The banks are getting the profit.  We at the Personal Power Project are helping you order direct and suggest you pay off your credit card purchase within 30 days so you do not pay the banks the 18% to 30% credit card fees.  As a business we have to make a profit to stay in business.  As you can see we have very good solutions to giving you the best price and the best service so we all stay in the game and enjoy building our mutual success!

We have ways of installing Solar and Wind generation, with no permits needed for Off-Grid projects, while still having the ability to switch over to the grid whenever needed. Those are usually non-rooftop, ground mount, patio top, carports, RV Travel Trailers, and other similar solar installations. You can get direct Solar Installations, Products, Services, and Consulting from us here at the Personal Power Project.  If you have to go with other options and just want to deal with the larger solar companies for roof top solar, or solar leasing, you can still do that through our large Solar Company Affiliates as seen below.

Apricot Solar – Affiliate. We provide rooftop solar installations through Apricot Solar Sales which contracts out to a number of solar companies like Sunrun Solar and Freedom Forever Solar.  Solar is complicated as each home and each person’s needs are different.  You will find we are one of the lowest priced solar companies. Depending on choices there is no down payments and no payments at all for the first year.  Financing can be as low as 3.5% when most other companies like Tesla are charging 7%.  This includes adding a roof if needed plus 30% federal tax incentives on the solar including the roof if combined on the same solar loan.  This is done from buying down the interest rate, but that adds to the total cost, although it decreases the month payments.  You need to decide if this is an option you want or not.  Less electrical infrastructure costs are needed if you do not add a backup battery although a backup battery can save utility cost as you are moving away from using and needing your utility company by going more off grid from using battery backup.  We have very good battery pricing through Emporia which can save you from paying the high price of Tesla Powerwall backup batteries.  We can also save you a lot on the cost of backup batteries by using bidirectional EV charging where your EV acts as your battery backup and powers your home while shutting down the grid and utility expenses.  There is a lot of research that must be done to go solar, and we are here to help you through that process!

EcoFlow – will be an Affiliate soon! – click on EcoFlow Delta Pro Ultra whole home backup for more details.

Nature’s Generator – Affiliate <- Please use this link for each and every order so you get your affiliate discounts through our Personal Power Project. We are now an Affiliate! Check out their site and look over all the great renewable energy products that you can get at great discounts!

Emporia AffiliateThey provide battery backup for solar, EV chargers, power monitoring for your home or business to show you what every circuit, lights, and appliances, and what amount of energy is being used.  This is extremely useful information when it comes to replacing your inefficient appliances for those that use less power so you can cut your energy costs.  They also have EV chargers that let you make a profit from those that use it like tenants or businesses and set your profit margins via a cell phone app or computer.

Swell Energy – AffiliateTesla Powerwall backup Batteries with programs where you can get free Powerwall batteries, and they are very big on “virtual power plant” VPP.  Contact us or Swell through our Affiliate link for discount pricing.

SolarEdge – No Affiliate program – DC solar EV charger in 2024 – YouTube Video

Enteligent – DC solar EV charger in 2024 – Video – this is the first of its kind and is not currently available until the fall of 2023.  Once available we will become an affiliate and support this and any other companies that make DC to DC EV chargers. Stay tuned on this one as it will be the turning point to get most people fully off-grid!

Tesla – Affiliate.  Tesla as of 5-30-24 is no longer offering any discount credits on their Tesla Referral Program. Tesla is constantly changing what they give you as a discount from affiliates and now it NOTHING.  Sometimes it’s money, sometimes it’s free EV charging, sometimes it’s T-Shirts, etc…  Tesla is known for their good products and also known for their poor service.  I have Tesla solar on my personal residence and they replaced all 30 solar panels about eight years into my lease agreement as they were defective and leaking water into the panels.  It didn’t cost me anything and they were fairly quick to respond and replace.  I have had a problem with my Tesla app on my cell phone and that took almost one year to fix as they took forever to communicate with me and did a lot of finger pointing to the company where I got three Tesla Powerwall’s for free due to living in a CA high fire area and on well water with SCE turning the power off and on for days at a time over a three year period.  You really need to decide if you want 25 years of poor service and there are links to Tesla cancelling homeowner installations on our Solar Estimate page.  We use Tesla’s automated solar calculator for a base price just like they do, and everything goes up in price from that depending on what you really need and want.

DIY – (Do It Yourself) Solar Companies – where you get products and support as seen below!
ShopSolarKits – Affiliate – DIY (Do It Yourself) solar Discounts here! We are an Affiliate – There is a huge selection of equipment at this site for all kinds of Renewable Energy Products.  They have great support videos, guides, and chat support.  We are here to help as well.

Renogy – Affiliate – DIY (Do It Yourself) great company! We are an Affiliate. If you want solar products at a discount, we have it for you here!  Solar panels, backup batteries, solar controllers and monitoring for your home, cabin, RV, trailer, car, truck, and more!  If you don’t kill yourself on the install, then you will die laughing on the savings you will gain by being a DIY’er!

ECO-Worthy – DIY (Do It Yourself) Lots of great products especially the Solar Tracker! – We are an Affiliate.  Would you like to have an off grid Solar Tracker to charge you EV and then plug your EV into your home just like any other gas generator and have it power your home.  The Solar Tracker is the place to start. You get discounts from our link, and we will consult with you on the process.

Unbound Solar – DIY (Do It Yourself) great company! We are not an Affiliate, yet.  They will help you all the way through your DIY purchase and installation process and any time after that.

Renewable Energy Products – adding more all the time – check back often!