The Personal Power Project is a Nation Solar Santa Barbara CA company.  We provide National Solar installations, Services, Consulting, and Products on renewable energy for residential and commercial business through our affiliates. We are based out of Santa Barbara California and as most National Solar companies we subcontract to local solar and roofing companies, so you get the best of both worlds. A lot of people think say, I want a local solar company I can trust, one that will always be there for me, when I need them.  Here is something to think about.  A quick AI search will tell you that local companies go bankrupt and out of business far more often that national solar companies.  Local solar companies often take jobs through national solar companies because it adds to their revenue and income streams by subcontracting through them.  In a lot of cases, you can save money comparing the price from the local solar company you were thinking about by also getting a price from a national solar company that subcontract to your same local solar company.  You just need to spend your time doing the research to see if your local company subcontract to any national solar companies.  If they charge more going direct, they probably will not tell you anything about their national solar company, they subcontract through.  You can see this can be some trick research you will have to do.  Typically, you can get a discount from your local solar company if you work through national solar companies like Tesla, Sunrun, Freedom Forever, Apricot Solar, and the Personal Power Project is an affiliate with all those solar companies we just listed as well as many others. That means you get to pick national or local through us.  We have affiliate discounts on products through many renewable energy companies and we keep expanding so you have more options for you to choose from.

The Personal Power Project Specialty – is helping people and businesses become 100% Energy Independent vs 100% Off Grid. You will see from our site, there is a big difference. For most people 100% Off Grid still leaves you with natural gas and propane gas, for heating your home and water, gas for your cars and other appliances.  That can be two thirds of all your energy needs.  Californians are quickly approaching $10,000 per year on total energy costs.  One third of that is their $300 per month electric bill.  Most people haven’t even realized they could completely eliminate the other two thirds through going Solar.  That will take a lot of time and planning and if that take years to accomplish it’s completely worth the time and effort.  We are here to help you through this process and get you there even faster if you are able to see the opportunity from joining our Team!

The Personal Power Project – Non-Solar information – You might be wondering, what does all this other stuff have to do with Solar?  The Personal Power Project has always been more than just solar energy. It’s really about your Energy and what makes it Personal for you. We hope you see the value in the rescores we continue to provide.  We see the Personal Power Project as a one stop shop for organizing the more important things in our lives that help energize us and give us more power!

We are creating a network of people and organizations that harness renewable energy and the conversations that go with it to help clean up the world, help reduce global warming and extreme weather conditions, and increase the money back in your pocket, where it belongs, by helping you become more energy independent.  If you’re interested in products, services, or work from home as a Solar Energy Consultant, Your Contact Information is all we need to get you started.  See our Training where we offer network connections and associations with organizations and companies you can work for.  Being part of our team will help you go from Volunteer to Career as a Solar Energy Consultant. Yes, everything has it’s growing pains and Going Green has its share as well. Governments and people pushing too hard too fast does have its negative side.  We might miss some jobs because we do not push too hard and too fast. We figure in the long run people will appreciate that and eventually come back to see what good service and cost savings can do for them.  Let’s Dump the Pump, Kick Gas and Go Green! Go Solar and see how you can Energize Your Life!

An idea whose time has come – Creating all the power you need from Renewable Energy

People are laughing and talking about the days when they had to go to a gas station to drive their cars and digging deep in their pockets every month to pay continually rising prices from their local utility companies power their home.  The conversation of going off grid and creating your own power is now and the choice is yours. 

Welcome to the future!  Although it seems like a dream that never comes true, it has arrived.  In a busy world we think it would be great if we never had to pay for electricity or gas heating in our homes.  How wonderful it would be to never go to a gas station in our cars and pay the high price of gas.  If we only had the power to do something about it.

We have the power!
Each and every one of us has the power to set ourselves free.  The lie that we tell ourselves is “It sounds great, but I don’t have the time or money to do anything about it”.  If we could tell you how to never pay for electricity and gas in your home or car, would you be touched, moved, and inspired? The Personal Power Project is doing just that.

Affiliate Discount Products!

Now is the time to cut your monthly energy expenses.  The old story from the past “We are not there yet” is over.  You can have Solar Panels installed in your home with no money down and get major federal and state rebates.   Plug in an electric vehicle or a Far Infrared heating panel and cut your monthly energy expenses even if you don’t have solar panels. Start looking over our Affiliate Discount Products and see just how you can save now!

Personal Power!

Solar, wind, electric cars, heating, lighting, and more.  It’s our choice.  Once we find out it will cost less to embrace it there is no turning back.  Believe it or not the time has come.  We are finally here and it’s time for us all to see the light!

Corporate Power!

As much as some of us would like to end corporate power we will see that in a world that includes everyone, no one left out, corporate power will be here when we need it.  Corporations will see that we are no longer dependent on them and powerless.  In turn they will listen to our request, “Provide us with the clean green power and we will pay for it when WE need it”.

The Personal Power Program

Imagine reprograming your mind so you can be as excited each and every day like you were when you were child and with a new ability to turn all your creative dreams into a new reality that you get to enjoy.  Is the life you are living now just a reflection of the programing you learned from childhood.  In this area of our site, we are connecting you with a wealth of possibilities that you can learn and choose from.  In the beginning was the Word and from that all was created.  This is where our true power comes from.  Once we truly begin to understand how powerful our word is we will begin to understand how we have the power to stop all wars, in our home, our community, our country, our world, and the universe around us.

Personal Health

It is pretty hard to do anything if we do not have our health. It’s even more difficult to know what and where we can find what it takes to be health and who has done the most research and provide the best information.  We are making a serious attempt at helping organize

Personal Travel vs Vacation

Let’s face it, we are all on the move all the time.  Just because it’s a vacation doesn’t mean you can’t write it off on your taxes at the end of each year.  You might someday find you enjoy it so much you wish you could turn it into a career, get free advertising, and write it off all the time!  Anything is possible if you really want it and really focus on it.  Take a look and see what’s possible.

Be a part of the Personal Power Project and experience what happens as you begin to empower yourself and those around you.  We will include you and the difference you make through the Personal Power Project!

Your Contact Information – is all we need to get you started!