CA Solar Net Billing 4-13-23 Deadline!

NEM 3.0 in California: What homeowners need to know about Net Billing

The article at the link and picture above has all the details and changes you need to know about solar for California in 2023.

CA Solar Net Billing 4-13-23 Deadline! Signup before and have up to 3 years to install.  This is the important part you need to know in order to have the time to avoid Net Billing and be grandfathered in with those that beat the deadline.

Here is one of the things they are telling you.  If you get backup batteries they are very expensive although it will make Net Billing a little better if you can afford those batteries.  Now, here is what they failed to mention.  You could get three Tesla Powerwalls installed for about $40,000 which will keep that average home powered up for a day or two.  That is very expensive and the average home might only need one battery.

Now for the good news they aren’t telling you.  You could spend that $40,000 on an inexpensive EV like a Chevy Bolt or lease one for less.  Once the bidirectional home EV chargers are available in 2023 or 2024 for about $1,500 that EV will keep the average home running for about a week.  Sound like a better idea.  Yes, it is and when the grid power is on, you can still use that EV to keep you off grid most of the time.  If the grid was down for a few weeks and it was very bad weather for solar, you could drive it to a fast charge station and take it back home for another week or two of power.  Anyway you look at solar, the sooner you invest in that and an EV the better off you will be.

Just head to the Person Power Project and we are here to beat the deadline and keep your lights and power on!