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Benefits of Going Solar for Homeowners
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Discuss the Benefits with the Homeowner:

Here are the main points making up the Value Proposition for Homeowners and why they should consider going solar:

  • Homeowners – can lower their monthly payment for electricity right away
  • This new payment – is locked in at a fixed rate for the next 25 years instead of being subject to utility rate hikes of 3 to 5% or more per year
  • Homeowners – realize a home value increase of about 10% right away
  • The federal government provides a tax credit of up to 30% of the cost of the solar system.
  • Homeowners – get all of this with nothing out of pocket. They go from paying a higher monthly electric bill to their utility company one month, to a lower monthly payment for their new solar system the next.
  • And the typical long-term financial benefit to a homeowner that goes solar is in excess of $100,000 over 25 years!
  • CA Solar Net Billing 4-13-23 Deadline! – Get Grandfathered in Now!
  • Utility Bill – We need a PDF file downloaded from your company for a Free Estimate – email it to the Solar Consultant asking for it.
  • Schedule a Zoom Meeting – so we can then go over the details of cost and savings.

About the Business of Apricot Solar
Solar Consultants are
Independent Contractors
This is not a W-2 Employment Job although having one and joining us part time works very well for a lot of people. This is a Work from Home Business, and you can do it however and whenever you want.

Multi-Level Marketing – is that what this is?
The Corporate Overview video says – not Multi-Level Marketing

Selling Solar Installations as a product and providing a good service
If that is all you want to do, you can do that!
Building a Team
If you want to build your own team and generate more income selling solar installations and providing a good service, you can do that!
Solar Referrals
If you don’t want to join this company and just want to generate income from referring homeowners to us for a solar installation you can do that!
Pyramid Scheme
If your opinion is, this is a pyramid scheme; you can have that too.
I say opinions are like assume!  Everybody has one.
By all Internet definitions as seen at the link above, this is not a Pyramid Scheme.  No money is ever charged to anyone in this company for anything, not for signup, not for training, there are no products that you have to stock or purchase, just your time working however you want to help homeowners get solar installed on their homes.
If you want to be your own boss, work from home on your own time, doing a Solar Consultant Business nationwide, focusing on Solar as the Product, and providing a good Service, that makes a difference, this is it.
This could be an early retirement dream job if you make it one.  If this is not right for you at this time, it might be later.  Thank you for your time and consideration looking over our information.  You can still get a $1,000 referral fee without ever signing up for any of this.  Just text Dan Ringwald with a referral of a property owner that wants to Go Solar.  If they do you get $1,000 as a referral fee and that’s all you ever have to do.

Video Chat with – Dan Ringwald
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Meetings and Videos:

    • Corporate Overview Video
      Although this video may appear to be solar sales only, it’s not.  Within this company there are four main positions you can choose from:
      Marketing, Sales, Training, and Management.
      Recent Payment Incentives
      This will give you a better idea of how income is generated.
      Real Estate TrainingThis is another reason for joining us here through the Personal Power Project as you will also gain access to real estate training free.  Renewable Energy provides leads to off market properties for generating more income!
    • Dan Ringwald – A-Teams – I will help you build your Teams too!
    • Earn while you Learn!
    • Joining our Solar Team gives you Free Real Estate Training!

Work from Home and Earn while you Learn!

Watch the Corporate Overview video
Dan Ringwald – 805-242-3004 call or text me after watching with any questions or join by filling out My Form – you have 4 choices.

    1. Zoom Meeting – See what you can save with Solar on your home!
    2. Referral Agent – Get $1,000 for each homeowner that goes solar.
    3. Work From Home – $1,000,000 per year income potential
    4. Not Ready Now? – Close this site and come back later!

Solar Consultant – through the you can start with no experience.

There are actually 4 positions: Marketing, Sales, Training, and Management. We have videos at our link above that explains all positions in detail. You can choose one, a combination, or all four. It’s up to you as to which you like best. Training for all positions is online. Your trainer will give you one-on-one help and there are group Q&A Trainings via Zoom Meetings. We don’t succeed if you don’t succeed, so we are highly motivated to help you succeed. If you are active and asking for help. We will not pressure you to work. You set your schedule not us. This is contract work only not W-2 employment. That means it would be best if you already have some income and start this part time while we help you build it up. This can be an early retirement dream job. There are no fees for signup, monthly or yearly. Your income potential could be $1,000,000 per year, if you want to work that much and it could take five years or more to get to that point.  Of course, if you don’t work you get nothing, and if you want to work less you could just balance your lifestyle and earn whatever amount works for you!


Work from home, or wherever, as little or as much as you like. Earn while you learn, helping people zero out their electric bills, saving them approximately $100,000 in 25 years by going solar, while also saving the Planet! This is a Nationwide business, and you can have worldwide members on your team. They just have to remotely do business in the United States only. This is a marketing business only. We do no solar installations. We provide leads to major solar companies.

The 4 Job Positions.

Marketing – just signing people up. Great for YouTube Influencers or part time people who only want this.

Sales – for solar installations – warm leads only, no cold calls, no door knocking, just so it feels good for you and those you contact. Build teams or don’t build teams, it’s up to you.

Training – Solar Design, Cost Estimates, zoom presentations to clients you or your team brings in if you are building teams.

Management – you manage your team, if you want to build one, once it gets big, generating lots of income, you manage your team.


As Solar Consultant you can start with no experience although the more you have the easier this will be. Given the 4 job positions just about anyone can qualify for one of them as long as you have an interest in Renewable Energy. We have a lot of opportunities, that are more than just solar, as you will see.

Joining our team here through the Personal Power Project will also give access to free Real Estate Training!

Renewable Energy – The Business of Champions!

Clean Energy Champion seal of approval.

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