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Yes, this might look like overkill, but I just had to make it the way I wanted it! Thank you, YouTubers, for all your how to videos on water filters.  That is just what I needed so I could make an attempt at installing my water filters!  The basic difference between my choice of product installation and others is the ability to isolate sections of my system so I never have to turn off the water in my home while servicing this system.  That was made possible with all the SharkBite fittings, valves, and PEX pipe which can all be purchased through Home Depot.  Copper and PVC are a lot less expensive to install but for me it does not offer the ease of installation and the flexibility of pulling it apart to make changes either from installation mistakes that just do not work or future modifications.  The complexity of my installation with all the valves provides me with service options where I can isolate separate stages for service, bypassing sections, while still providing full pressure water to my home avoiding the need for shutting off the water to my home while cleaning filters, UV Filter, or prefilter.  It also gave me testing options.  We found that too many filters will reduce our pressure to the point of very disappointing showers with low pressure.  We have 80 psi in our home for required fire sprinklers which are on their own plumbing line.  The water pressure in the rest of home can vary a lot depending on the different water filter options.  The small prefilter can be used while turning off all the other filters for cleaning. That prefilter actually reduces the pressure too much so I bypassed it and only use it while cleaning the other filters.  It does have a clear hose for cleaning out the prefilter but does not do that great a job.  The pressure from the clear hose is also not that high for cleaning.  I installed another standard hose outlet before the prefilter so I can have maximum 85 psi to clean out the incoming water pipes before cleaning out all the other filters.  All the SharkBite fittings alone came to about $500 which was the most expensive part of this installation.  That is the part where most people will say that is just too much and not needed, which will be true for some people and some installations. Do check out the videos for more information.  All comments can be submitted at my YouTube channel filter videos.

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