Benefits of Going Solar

Benefits of Going Solar for Homeowners

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Here are the main points making up the Value Proposition for Homeowners and why they should consider going solar:

  • Homeowners – can lower their monthly payment for electricity right away.
  • This new payment – is locked in at a fixed rate for the next 25 years instead of being subject to utility rate hikes of 3 to 5% or more per year.
  • Homeowners – realize a home value increase of about 10% right away.
  • Federal Government – provides a tax credit of up to 30% of the cost of the solar system.
  • Homeowners – get all of this with nothing out of pocket. They go from paying a higher monthly electric bill to their utility company one month, to a lower monthly payment for their new solar system the next.
  • The typical long-term financial benefit to a homeowner that goes solar is in excess of $100,000 over 25 years!
  • CA Solar Net Billing 4-13-23 Deadline is up – what this means now is you give less back to your utility company and keep more for yourself by adding battery backups at your home and from your EV.
  • Electric Bill – We need a copy so we can calculate what you will save.  Email or Text it to the Solar Consultant asking for it.
  • Schedule a Zoom Meeting – we will schedule this once we get a copy of your electric bill so we can go over the details of cost, savings and equipment.
  • Solar Installation – with Dan Ringwald, through the Personal Power Project, will qualify you for Real Estate consulting and training for a one-year period for FREE.  See my Real Estate experience at my business sites – Training – NH Big Inc and here – Training – Santa Barbara REIA

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