Personal Travel vs Vacation

Travel vs Vacation – What’s the difference? It could be a lot, if it’s a Tax Write Off and Generates Income!

Turn your Play Time into Pay Timesee our YouTube Video on this.
There are so many ways to do this, and social media influencers are just one of many. Why go broke in the process when you can travel to some of the most beautiful places in the world and get paid for it, as a Travel Advisor and write off the expenses. You can do this casually or get certified and build a very fun business.

Google Maps – Dan Ringwald Public Profile for sharing locations and reviews. A good source for free advertising!
Google Bard – my question – Write me an article on the best ways to generate income from me writing Google Map Location Reviews – try asking your questions.
Google Bardmy question wasDoes Hilton Hotels have an Affiliate Program for vacation advertisers – try asking your questions.
Microsoft Bing – my question was – write me an article on the best ways to generate income as Travel Advisor – try your questions. – this is a good place for your questions and comments.

5 Strategies to Turn Your Vacation into a Tax Deduction

This is a great article to read and good place to start getting serious about building your business while enjoying your vacations and travel at the same time.  Let’s face it.  We all spend way more on taxes than we want to, and we spend way less time on vacations.  With some research, education, and some good tax advice the options for tax write offs are real as seen in this article. Don’t let your travel and vacation time turn into tax audit time. Get the advice and support to do it right.

Tax Advice from Anderson Advisors
Anderson’s article about the SB REIA
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Favorite Locations – we have traveled to and why we enjoyed them.

San Luis Bay Inn 2023 – our pictures and videos – – their website – Google Map – find it fast.

What do we like? It’s absolutely beautiful, relaxing, very few people at the Inn even during the busy crowded summer beach times. Everything is within walking distance, the town and beach, the pier at the opposite side of town past the RV park, restaurants everywhere, small shops, hiking, bike riding, swimming at the beach, walking your dogs, huge golf course a Mulligans.  It’s just the best escape and vacation ever! They are a Hilton Resort.


Tahoe Ridge Resort 2023 – our pictures and videos – Tahoe Ridge Resort – their website and booking – Google Mapfind it fast.

This is a great place for summer hiking and direct ski tram to lift for all CA and NV Heavenly Ski runs during the winter!  Their restaurant/bar has very good food and service with a relaxing atmosphere.  Easy access parking underground where you can get your own cart to take your luggage to your room, good Wi-Fi and cell phone access.  We had a two room plus front room and kitchen unit that were large and well kept.  All rooms had beautiful views.  It’s just a fifteen-minute drive to Stateline in town and when you leave town and head back you feel like you are leaving all that traffic and congestion behind you.  The have low room rates during the off season and we use our timeshare exchange for all season access.  I am looking forward to heading back for the ski season! I think we have found our home away from home at Tahoe Ridge Resort. They are a Hilton Resort.

The Sphere LV NV 2023 – our pictures and videos – The Sphere – their website – Google Map – find it 

Entertainment like you have never seen it before and of course Las Vegas had to be the first in the world. We just happened to be there on the grand opening day.  If you just want to drive by and check it out, our pictures and videos are probably the best for a free parking location where you can look down into the front door, day or night from the parking lot off the Howard Hughes Parkway.  Park your car and enjoy view from the outside for as long as you like.