Water Heaters

EZ Tankless Water Heaters

We are using these and they are great


Solar Water Heating


OK – I admit it! This is my TCT Solar Passive Water Heater in my back yard
No pumps, all passive, no moving parts, nothing to break, 5 years in operation.
It’s cutting my propane bill down by 1/3 and it’s passive water heating from the Sun
The water comes out as much as 180 degrees which means you need to
feed in a little cold water before it reaches the hot water heater so you don’t damage it.
Most the time the hot water heater never turns on. Once I start using solar and Far Infrared
to heat my home I’ll probably only have to fill my propane tank once a year.


Cool Air Conditioning from the Sun


Warm electric heated floors are less energy than you think!

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