Water Heaters

Solar Water Heating

This is my Solar Passive Water Heater in my backyard.

No pumps, all passive, no moving parts, nothing to break, 10 years in operation. It’s cutting my electric bill down and 3 months of the summer my electric water heater never turns on.  It’s passive water heating from the Sun. The water comes out as high as 180 degrees.  If you do not have a water heater that can handle that much heat you need to feed in a little cold water before it reaches the hot water heater, so you don’t damage it.  I also use Solar and Far Infrared to heat my home and turned off my dirty whole house forced air propane heater years ago.


Passive Solar Water Heater


Cool Air Conditioning from the Sun


Warm electric heated floors are less energy than you think!


EZ Tankless Water Heaters

We are using these and they are great

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