The Solar Industry is changing fast! It is much like the days of VHS video player being replaced by MP4 video files. Big expensive fixed Solar systems that give you everything you need for a high purchase price, or 25-year lease price are being replaced by modular solar systems that can be much cheaper and smaller systems and built larger as needed by DIY (Do It Yourself) home installers and business installers. They just need a local electrical contractor to finish up the job. The new technology is part of the solution.  Financing is the other part of the problem and solution.  The banks have increased their financing for solar equipment to all solar companies 7% to 30% which gives them the majority of profit to the banks.  This is causing hundreds of solar companies nationwide to file for bankruptcy.  Homeowners and businesses are not willing to pay the higher prices so less solar jobs are being installed.  People are looking for less expensive ways to install solar and the new modular solar systems are giving them these new options. They are starting small and paying cash and going direct to equipment suppliers instead of paying the high markup price solar companies are having to charge due to bank financing.

The Personal Power Project is here to help you purchase direct through our Affiliate Discount Products and give you the consulting support needed for you to make the right equipment choices that give you the big saving you are looking for. Also see EV Charging Off Grid and Backup Batteries.

Solar – Off-Grid or On-Grid










Start small and build over the years when you have the time, money, and need. There are some really good reasons for doing it this way. You save a lot of money, you own it, control it, you learn all about it, and make the right choices of what to do next from the experience you have gained. Off Grid Solar Power Systems need no permits which includes wind generators under 15 feet or less. Be completely Off-Grid and switch back to On-Grid any time with any individual circuit breaker. The right solar ground mounts for you, or solar roof mounts that do not penetrate your roof, so no water leaks and they are easy to remove if the roof needs repairs or replacement. We have all you need to say goodbye to your utility company and their net metering B.S. and all gas companies for home and car. Let’s put you in the driver’s seat, powered by the sun! If you are interested start by asking some questions right here, right now. We will go over the details of what you want to start with, at the price you can afford.

We know you need to do your research to confirm what we are saying so we are providing you with videos below from a number of companies that will tell you and show you with lots of details where the solar industry is heading.

Yes, down 50% but will you enjoy that 50% drop in the price. Watch and see.

Yes, the Banks are to blame, and the general public is not buying into it as the prices are just too high.

Here are some of the modular solar systems you as a homeowner or business owner can put together with the help of your local electrical contractor.

Here are some reasons why solar ground mounts are better than roof mounts. That means adjustable ground mounts are better than fixed ground mounts.

If you just do not have the space on your property to do ground mounts, you can now easily do roof mounts without drilling holes into your roof causing major water leaks.

Joe Ordia ends this video by recommending a 2.5kw solar system for charging your EV which is about six 400-watt solar panels.

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