Why did I, Dan Ringwald, of National Home Buyers, LLC
go with Tesla?

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See the Solar Energy we Produce – Tesla chart Day, Month, Years
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SCE 9-27-13 Day Usage

Here is an SCE chart
As you can see the negative amount is from our Solar Production
Hello SCE.  Who will be writing the checks now?

SCE 12-13-13

Oh No! What happened to my SCE bill this month!  It’s only $0.76
SCE – WTF – (Want The Funding) – Start putting solar on our roofs!
Don’t be stupid.  If you try charging us for transmission costs, lobby to stop solar,
we will go on battery backups and go completely off the grid.
Don’t be total losers.  Go head to head with the competition or go out of business!


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Stuart Lewis – YouTube video – speaking at SBREIA event

I looked over the reviews on a lot of different solar companies.  I had a number of them come to my home and give me bids on a solar installation over the last four or five years.  I heard leasing a solar system was a bad idea and that you should buy and not lease.  That is why I never called Solar City for an estimate.  That was a “BIG” mistake.  The stories I had heard were second and third hand stories from misinformed people.  Paying it off early didn’t even make financial sense.  Once it’s yours you pay for all repairs and maintenance.  If the solar panels die out or degrade in the first 10 year because of cheap production, which the market is seeing, you have to pay for it all.  On a 20 year lease they pay for any and all problems and you are not out-of-pocket up front at all.  With the value of money $20,000 will be worth less in 20 years.  I have talked with people who purchased up front just a few years ago and are already upset with the service bills they are having to pay.

I tried to get a home equity loan or refinance my home or other rental properties to go solar but due to my high credit card debt no banks would give me a loan.  We all know how hard it is get a loan from the banks in these down market times.  They all have their own financial problems and hundreds of the banks and mortgage companies are going bankrupt and out of business.  All I needed with Solar City was a credit score of 700 or better and they didn’t even care about my credit card debts.  They qualified me in about two hours and my signed contract moving forward.

The math is simple and as I added up my total energy costs from SCE over the next 20 years it could easily be $100,000.  That didn’t even consider rates going up and you know rates will go up.  If you think your $100 electric bill per month is not enough to go solar you are not including your gas heating bill and the cost of gas for your car every month.  Far Infrared heating panels can heat your home, quiet and clean, and it is therapeutic.  I shut off our dirty forced air propane heating three years ago.  It was costing me $4,000 per year.

The inventory of electric cars is picking up each year and your solar will power that too.  Your car gas cost per month could easily be 50% of your total energy costs and it only takes a few extra solar panels to keep an electric car charged every month.

You need more details?  I’ll email you my agreement with Solar City so you can see exactly how I got a $42,000 Solar system installed with no money down and it cut my electric bill in half.  I also got the federal and state rebates factored in which brought the total price of my system down to just $26,000.  I can pay it all off after five years or just make my low monthly payment of $150 per month for the next fifteen years and then the system is mine.

I didn’t have to, but I chose the option to pay $2,500 up front to lock my rate in with Solar City because they too will increase their rate like SCE but not as much.  That brought my total amount owed down to $23,500 and my rate will never go up again!  I was paying about $350 per month to SCE and their rates could easily drive that up to $3,000 per month at the end of 20 years.  Hard to believe?   Go back 20 years and look at the price of energy, homes, food, and the rest if you don’t think prices will go up that much.

Once I pay off my solar system that’s it!  No more payments.  All my energy costs will be totally free and clean from the sun.  In 2016 the rebates might end!  There are many opportunities that will not last so Contact me for the details if you still need some.  Just click on the picture above and get your free estimate before the rebates go away!



Now you can get all the Solar details on every state in the USA!  State and Federal, Rates and Rebates, what states are proactive and what states are not.  If you want the lowdown on the Good, Bad, and the Ugly, Solar Power Rocks!  They have it all!


Solar Roadways – A great place to put solar!
Solar Roadways Intro

Be a part of the Personal Power Project and experience what happens as you begin to empower yourself and those around you.  We will include you and the difference you make through the Personal Power Project!  If you want products, services, or going from Volunteer to Career as a Green Energy Consultant Contact us to Register and join the Revolution!

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