Solar and EV Chargers – saving – Short Term Rentals!


Solar and EV Chargers – saving – Short- & Long-Term Rentals!
Airbnb – Your competition and more rentals are eating your Profits!

We, at the Personal Power Project, are affiliates with Emporia and the major Solar companies of your choice to make sure your Short-Term Rentals stay in business, ahead of the competition!  Unlike all other rentals, you pay for all your electric bills not the tenants.  Your upper income tenants that pay your upper income Short Term Rental prices drive EV’s and do not want to sit in some parking lot for hours waiting for their EV to charge.  They want to be deep asleep in your exclusive Short-Term Rental while their EV is charging overnight safely by their side.  That EV charger is smart enough to only let the people you approve charge their EV and at a profit margin that you decide. The price is only $599.  Any electrical contractor can install a 220v outlet with a plug on it.  You plug this EV charger into it.  I can provide any consulting over the phone or a Zoom call if needed.  If you can’t provide EV driving tenants with this service, they are less likely to book their vacation time at one of your rentals.  They will head off to your competition who is also smart enough to let the sun power their rental while zeroing out their electric bill with no money out of pocket to get the solar installed and operating properly.  They are also smart enough to work with us here at the Personal Power Project to handle all these different products because they know good experience and service when they see it.  They know they can even buy or sell more Short-Term Rentals through our real estate side of our business at NH Big Inc, who manages the financial side of this, without paying any Realtor Commissions.  You got into this business to make a profit and we are in this business to make sure that happens, every day!  Thank you for your time and consideration.

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