Corporate Power

Corporate Power – The power when “We” want it!

As much as we might like to end corporate power, we will see that in a world where everyone is included, no one left out, corporate power will be here when we need it.  Corporations will see that we are no longer dependent and powerless.  In turn they will listen to our request, “Provide us with the clean green power and we will pay for it when WE need it”.

Who would you have to be to play this game?

Everyone Included, No One Left Out!

In a world that everyone is included, and no one left out we need corporate power to re-charge our electric cars.  We need it for those long trips where we cannot connect to our personal power source, solar and wind generators, and our standard utility company at home when we need it.

We thought converting all highways to solar power and feeding that back to electric cars would be a good idea.  The problem is who would pay for it?  You and me through increased taxes.  Is that a good idea!

So what are the possible options?  All restaurants, shopping malls, hotels and motels, that see the opportunity will be our future and convenient Corporate Power Stations and we will forever, with a big smile, wave goodbye to the gas stations.  Imagine, no more waiting in line at the gas station to pump the ever-increasing price of gas.  No more wars fighting over fossil fuels.  What a concept!

Scalable Corporate Power

Imagine you are driving long distance, and you are running out of power.  You press your GPS system and up pops the nearest place for a Re-Charge It Power Station, a local restaurant with preferred parking!  You are so smart!

You pull up to the restaurant and the usual handicap parking spaces are right up front.  The next best parking spaces are just a few for “Electric Cars” and these spaces are scalable.  The more you need the more parking spaces you equip for charging cars.  The restaurant marks up their cost of electricity to gain a profit.  Once they install the solar and wind generators their profit greatly increases.  This creates a new income stream for the restaurant and decrease the demand from the utility companies.

You drive into your parking space, plug-in your car, take note of the space number, walk into the restaurant.  While you wait for your table you run your credit card through a reader and enter your parking space number.  Your car is fully charged in 10 minutes while you eat.

Now that is service, and you have just helped to clean up the environment and end all wars over fossil fuels!  Time to enjoy a good meal.

Corporate Power Distribution

What corporations, restaurant chains, and shopping malls, and motels will see the opportunity and take action first?  We will be contacting them to see.  Who will sponsor the Personal Power Project to help get “Our Word” out so it begins working for you, me, and the rest of the world?

Bring people in this project and we will promote those companies and locations that take action.  We are looking for volunteers and we will put you through the Training that will make you a Green Energy Consultant.

We are the clearing house for helping to make it happen and to keep the information coming your way through the Personal Power Project.

The human race is not a parasite that will eventually kill this planet.  We are a race that is full of love and compassion, and we are making this planet a truly exciting and better place to live for each new generation, one person and one generation at a time.

Your Contact Information – is all we need to get you started!