Personal Power

Solar, wind, electric cars, heating, lighting, and more.  It’s our choice.  Once we find out it will cost less to embrace it there is no turning back.  Believe it or not the time has come.  We are finally here and it’s time for us all to see the light!

Who would you have to be to play this game?

Bold and Adventurous!

Getting the distinction between attachment and commitment is the key to moving from the past to creating a future we can live into.

There are many people today that add up the cost of electricity and gas in their home and gas for their cars and see that total is reaching $10,000 per year or more.  How many years would it take at that rate to recover the cost to Go Green.  We can tell you.  Below we have a Solar Calculator to help start you off with an estimate.  If you fill out our Go Green form we can give you an in-depth FREE Energy Analysis which will give you a more comprehensive estimate and loan options.  Our network of installers can usually install for considerably less than the national average shown on the Solar Power Calculator below.

More Solar Energy information

After looking over and estimating your solar costs go to our Total Energy Expenses look that over and fill it out if you like and then go to our Financing page and look that over.  You will begin to see just how you can cut or end your energy expenses.

The Personal Power Project is finding many people say they have heard that solar costs are still too high and it doesn’t make financial sense at this time.  They are also holding off on a solar installation until they have a good solution for electric vehicles so they get a faster return on their investment, eliminating the high price of gas.  That is a smart idea!  The EV’s are finally showing up and the price for solar is going down and the government incentives will not last forever so now is the time to make your move.  We can show you the numbers and you will see the time is now.  We can show you how installing solar and getting an electric car, with the right loan, you could save you as much as $8,000 per year or more, now!

So GO GREEN and fill out our form.  The energy analysis is FREE!

California FIRST is a property assessed clean energy (PACE) finance program and it is now on hold.  There are better loan programs available which we can show you. Once you look over the options you will see the time for a return on your investment for going solar will greatly decrease your expenses.  You can begin enjoying the freedom that green technology can give.  As the goal for solar roof top gets closer the programs and incentives will decrease. This is why the time for going solar is NOW!

We also have the beginnings of true payback from the utility companies thanks to Net Metering passed by California’s Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and now continuing on.

Santa Barbara Funding on Land Taxes should have launch April 22, 2010 and it didn’t.  We have better options now.

These are huge steps for us as people gaining our Personal Power.  The time has finally arrived for all of us to enjoy the Clean Power Age!


Be a part of the Personal Power Project and experience what happens as you begin to empower yourself and those around you. Contact us at 866-853-0803 and we will include you and the difference you make in the Personal Power Project! If you are interested in products, services, or being a Green Energy Consultant please fill out our form below.

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