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Here is where we build our A-Teams together!

By now you are starting to get an idea about this great opportunity in Apricot Solar!  This is our page to help us grow our Apricot Solar Business and Teams.  I will continue to update this page to inform, educate, and inspire you and our Teams!

Our Mission – Present, Sale, and Recruit – In that order as much as possible and repeat. Build our Teams, make it our Family, make our work Fun for everyone.  It’ our time, it’s our life, it’s our choice and we choose to enjoy it!
Remember – Complicate will Constipate, Simplify will Multiply.
Our Goal – keep it simple!  Follow the training scripts and repeat.
All the way to the Bank!

Super Solar Saturday National Training Event 1-21-2023

    • Videos – there are about 5 hours of videos here so watch a little at a time and track where you left off so you can start from the same place.  You will get great inside training tips that you will not find on any training programs or scripts.  One tip was running 35 Craigslists ads for job resumes and doing 10 text messages every day to recruit new people on his team.  Now that is dedication and doing the work!

Apricot Training:

Home Based Solar SalesDale & Shirley Guiducci
All training is here, videos, scripts, support, and more
Dale GuiducciApricot Solar Trainer619-252-9670dale.guiducci@apricotsolar.com
Links to Dales Training we are focusing on:

Apricot SolarVirtual Solar Marketing only – Providing leads to Freedom Forever and Sunrun who do the solar installations.

FreedomForever.com – Solar Purchases only – do not provide batteries, will do ground mount solar and of course rooftop solar installations.  Must get your own roofers.

Freedom Forever links below:

Sunrun.com – Solar Installations – Solar Lease only although per their direct website links below they provide other options as well – batteries, some solar ground mounts but always more expensive and only certain areas. Usually for people with acreage wanting ground mounted solar to avoid replacing old roofs.  They also contract in Roofers and you have the option to get your own roofers.  Does comercial jobs but not sure if through Apricot?

Sunrun links below:


Make Plans Now for Our First Live Apricot Fast & Furious Event!

If you haven’t been on the Team Fast and Furious daily training, you may not have heard the big announcement…We are taking this off the internet and gathering in south Florida to go LIVE and in person on March 17th and 18th!
This event is being rescheduled for a later date so stay tuned for an update!Everyone that you’ve heard from on the daily training, the nighttime training, and the Solar Super Saturday training will be there.This is a great opportunity to meet Ed Ayala, your Trainer, and other team members, learn how to build a multi-million dollar solar business, and feel the energy of the fastest-growing sales team in the entire solar industry!Event Schedule (see the image above)Friday, March 17thRegistration in the Afternoon1 pm – Leadership Training7 pm – Business Overview – Invite guests8 pm – Awards, RecognitionAfter – Time to Meet and Get to Know Each OtherSaturday, March 18th9 am to 6 pm – A Full Day of Training on Building Your Solar BusinessSaturday Night – Fast and Furious Party with a Celebrity DJSpecial GuestsApricot Founder – Dave BengelTop Money Earner in the Solar Industry – Edmund Coutan

    • Be a part of the very first live event for Team Fast and Furious.
    • Learn from the top producers and solar pros.
    • Develop relationships with people from across the country
    • Walk away with no doubt about your success with Apricot Solar

Tickets are just $67 for the entire 2 days. However, that price will be available starting this Friday for just one week. Tickets will increase to $97 so don’t wait. Blocks of tickets may be purchased so that you can lock in the lower price for people on your team.  Hotel Reservation details and the opportunity to register will be made available this Friday. The block of rooms at the lowest price will go fast. Currently, two hotels are being negotiated with to get us the lowest possible rates.Start looking at flights into Ft. Lauderdale. Don’t delay as airfare goes up dramatically the longer you wait to book.

Do not miss your opportunity to explode your solar business by getting as many people on your team there as possible!I hope to see each of you there! Let’s GO!


Questions & Answers:

    • Q – Why would someone choose our solar company over all the others?
    • A – One reason and one reason only – You – You are the reason.  The only way anything is ever sold is because of the relationship that builds up over time that makes someone feel good about going back for more.  When people ask why they should go with you, instead of another companies, I tell them this.  Mainly because I am as committed to you as I am committed to myself, with the passion I have for renewable energy and helping to make this world a better place, for us now and future generations.  When everyone else fails you, not available, do not have the time or answers, I will be here for you!  From the point we start, all the way through each and every product you purchase through me, and years after.  I will always be here as the person that keeps providing you with the solutions to make your life better.  Renewable Energy, EV’s, Real Estate, and all that goes with it.  The finger pointing stops here.  I will be here as your solution when all others are not available and fade away!