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Solar Residential Installations – are complicated.
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Please keep in mind the cheapest price isn’t always the best service and support.  Small local solar companies can lose one employee and stall off solar installations for months and the same goes for obtaining equipment.  If you ask us to Price Match another solar company proposal estimate you will need to provide us with a fully designed and completed estimate from that company that is similar equipment and similar financing.  That also means it’s from a human solar consultant, not an automated website solar estimate, in the beginning stage, incomplete, and only partial pricing.  Unfortunately, this is the only way any company is able to consider a price match.  Everyone needs proof not just someone’s story about a better price that some other company has with no facts or proof.  Getting multiple bids is highly recommended and even different bids on different options that have more or less equipment so you can decide what you need and what you don’t need.  A price match to other proposals is possible and they have to be similar bids of equipment and financing.

Every home is different, and every homeowner is different. What they want, what they need, and what they can afford is different.  It takes a lot of time and a lot of knowledge from an experienced Solar Consultant to design a residential solar system that works best for you, the homeowner.  If you take all that solar design work and give it to another company, who has not already taken the time to go through this process, of course, they can give you a better deal because they don’t have to do any design work and they now don’t have to educate you in the process.  You got all the design work and education for free and gave it to another company including answers to questions you didn’t even know to ask.   Could you have gotten all that information free from the internet?  Some but not all because the internet can’t ask you questions about your specific home, your wants, needs, and financial situation.  The internet cannot walk around your home in person or even remotely and discuss all the different possible options.

Artificial Intelligence and Automation.  Some of this is being used in the solar industry for designing and pricing solar systems.  It takes a human solar consultant and a human homeowner to put it all together to make it complete, so it works properly, efficiently, and the homeowner is happy with the final outcome.  Below are some examples from other companies and how they do business, the good, the bad, and the ugly.  We will add to this as time moves on.

TeslaEnergy Design – Solar Proposal Estimate automation at its best.  This is the good news!  It gives homeowners a general idea of the initial cost of solar for their home.  The bad news is the homeowner assumes this is a full solar design proposal complete with final design and price.  This is because nowhere does it state that this is just the beginning stage of your solar request and much more might be needed depending on the age of your home, condition of your roof, the condition of your current electrical system, placement of equipment, additional solar mounts that might be needed to face your panels in the proper direction to the sun, if you want roof mount, or ground mount, want to update gas heating and appliances to electric, and any other factors or options.  It also will not give you the option of buying down your interest rate on your solar loan which will increase the total purchase price and reduce your monthly payments or just the opposite if you choose not to buy down your interest rate, just like you would on a home purchase. There are absolutely no human communications at this stage of their automated design and pricing.  Asking another solar company to price match the automated price from Tesla is asking for a price on an incomplete system.
Now for the ugly news.  Getting an actual complete solar proposal from Tesla requires talking to a human Solar Consultant at Tesla.  To do that you first need to select Order System.  That requires you to pay a fee up front just for a true solar proposal designed by a human who will modify your automated design to your exact needs.  You will get an automated message that tells you they will be contacting you soon.  That is just the beginning of your 25-year solar lesson on what soon means to Tesla.  It is well known that Tesla makes good products, and it is also well known that Tesla provides very poor service.  Getting a detailed and completed Tesla solar proposal could take weeks or months.   We expect you to get a completed Tesla Solar proposal in hand and provide that to us if you want us to price match Tesla or any other Solar Company for us to do a true comparison.  If your time is of the essence all we can say is good luck with Tesla Solar.  Getting your Tesla solar installed could take six months to a year and you could get canceled by Tesla at any point in your process.  See the recent information about Tesla solar cancelation at the link below.