Dan’s Solar Message

Dan Ringwald – I have a Solar message for you on the state of Renewable Energy for California and beyond!
Santa Barbara Real Estate Investors Association meeting 1-28-23.
It’s not short although clicking on the YouTube video above will give you a very good idea of where the solar market is and where it is going.  You may have heard about the 4-13-23 CA Solar Deadline and how the utility companies will not be giving you much back for you extra solar generation.  That’s ok because your plan should be to use as little energy from the utility companies as possible, and still have you connected to them just in case you need them.  Guess what?  We don’t need them and we at the Personal Power Project will help make that happen for you.  You just need to call or text me at 805-242-3004 any time!  Remember, installing solar is not an expense it’s a savings.  No money down, no payments for the solar installation for one full year!  Once you do start paying its 50% or less than you are paying now from your utility company and that price will continue to go up because you are just renting your electricity.  You don’t own it like you do your home.  Call now for a Free Solar Proposal!