Dan’s Solar Message

Dan Ringwald – Renewable Energy for California and more.
Santa Barbara Real Estate Investors Association meeting 1-28-23.
The YouTube video above will give you a very good idea of where the solar market is and where it is going.  California utility companies with their NEM 3 are now giving 80% less credit to homeowners that go Solar.  They managed to get that from saying this makes it more fair for Renters.  Once they got that approved by the CA Governer Gavin Newsom, they are trying to give even less back to Renters.  The CA Utility companies refuse to offer any roof top solar and only want large land based solar that they own and control to increase their privately owned utility companies.  Some states have publicly owned utility companies.  Looks like it’s time for California to have only publicly owned utility companies like other states.  Fact checks on Bing.com indicates, there are more than 2,000 publicly owned electric utilities and water agencies in the US.  California voters are missing a big opportunity to replace private utility companies like SCE, PG&E and others.

The technology is getting better to take us all off grid and we at the Personal Power Project will help make that happen for you.  Remember, installing solar is not an expense it’s a savings.  No money down, no payments for the solar installation for one full year!  Once you do start paying its 50% or less than you are paying now from your utility company and that price will continue to go up because you are just renting your electricity.  You don’t own it like you do your home.

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