Tesla Batteries – Free

Two Tesla Powerwall’s – For Free! They can be used with or without Solar Panels for home backup power and reducing your electric bills!
Swell Energy Program – with any Life Support Medical Device, signed off by a doctor, and you live in an SCE High Fire Zone.
Two Tesla Powerwall’s, a $26,400 value which includes all equipment, labor, permits, and approvals to power up and connect to the grid, none of your money out of pocket, and no monthly fees. Here is the best part of this current program.  You do not have to qualify for a loan and then pay it back once all is installed and working.  I had to do that a few years ago and that part scared everyone away from that program.  This program requires no loans at all as this is all free.  This is way better than what I had to go through a few years ago as you will never have to pay anything if you qualify. This is all for Free and all done for you!
If you don’t qualify you can at least get $250 from me directly by referring someone that does qualify and completes the installation!
These Free Tesla Powerwall Batteries are available in southern California, from time-to-time, when the funding is available, compliments of CA Public Utilities Commission and SCE, if you qualify. The Time is Now! On 2-8-24 I received an email from Swell Energy, which I am an affiliate through my Personal Power Project company, that stated, it’s happening again! When it happened last time the window for this opportunity was only a few months before the funds were used up.  This is the same and it might only be available for two or three months. As seen below we qualified a few years ago and go and got three Tesla Powerwall’s installed for free, $39,000 value.  To qualify you need to be in a high fire area and have any Life Support Medical Device, signed off by a doctor.  That’s all you need.
Dan Ringwald 805-242-3004, call or text me. I will do a group email with you, me, and my Swell Senior Energy Consultant so we insure you get to the right person at Swell Energy that works on this program, and they will make sure this all works for you, if you qualify.

Swell email Subject Line: Free Tesla Powerwall Program with Medical Device and SCE High Fire Zone

Email copy from Swell Energy: I wanted to let you know that the Personal Power Project is, for a short time, able to offer two free Tesla Powerwall Batteries per client through Swell Energy.  The CA Public Utilities Commission is paying for 100% of the cost of Two Tesla Powerwall’s if you qualify and some of the requirements are being on a medical device and living in a high fire area.  The program is called SGIP Equity and Resiliency.
You have to get yourself on the SCE Medical Baseline Program, and then Swell processes the application. They will pay $26,400 to get you the batteries if you qualify, this covers 100% of the cost, equipment and labor.
How do I know if I qualify? 
1. do I live in a high-fire zone? High Fire Zone Map You can put your address on this map and if it is yellow or red, the answer is yes!
2. Do I have a medical device that qualifies me to get on the SCE Medical baseline program?  CPAP machines are the #1 medical device that qualifies homeowners for this program.
The funding is limited (around ~$4million for Southern California), so if you think you may qualify, you can contact me.
Dan Ringwald 805-242-3004 voice/text, Personal Power Project
The past information below will give you a little more to see about my 3 Free Tesla Powerwall’s worth $39k.

Tesla Powerwall’s – 3 for FREE worth $39k – How I got them and how they work. What will be the biggest power suck in your home?  It could be your EV, or it might be your electric water heater, or electric hot tub.  If you have a Power Monitor, you will soon find out.  This video will give you some ideas on how to balance your EV power demands so you can lower your monthly electric bill and even go off grid if you want.  There is also a short video on the Tesla App about charging Powerwall’s from the Grid when you have Solar! Proof that this works below.

Get Qualified – for your 100% Free Tesla Powerwall Backup Battery $15,000 value per battery.  This is tricky because the door opens and closes very quickly for these Free programs, so you need to be ready when they open.  The easiest way is to be on a Medical Baseline Program.

Dan Ringwald 805-242-3004 call/text with any questions.

Free Tesla Powerwall Backup Batteries!

Swell Energy – Solar, Backup-Batteries, and VPP
Personal Power Project – is a Swell Energy Affiliate
This helps you get the best price when working with us!  The video above explains they not only help to keep your power on they also save you lots of money.  These are tesla batteries of which we are an affiliate with Tesla and Swell.  You should contact us first so we can help determine which company to work with and why you might choose one over the other.  You also might qualify for Tesla Powerwall batteries through Swell Energy as another round of California funding is coming in 2023 for more Free Batteries! If you live in CA and you are constantly having your power shut down by PG&E or SCE a backup battery will solve that problem.  If you currently have solar, and the power goes off, your solar stops working too.  That is the case for all solar installations until they have a backup battery.  If you Don’t Ask, you Don’t Get, so call now!
Dan Ringwald – 805-242-3004 – 24/7 – call or text now! or

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