Breathing through your mouth is killing you!

Andrew Huberman has done extensive research on this! If you want to be healthy, then shut the hell up!  😂 This sounds too crazy and funny to be true and then I started trying it.  I have had a cough for years and the doctors say it’s just an allergy and if I start eating and drinking the right foods it should go away.  I have been working on it and it is slowly going away but not gone completely.  Now when I feel like coughing, I realize I have been breathing through my mouth instead of my nose, so I quickly start breathing through my nose.  Most of the time I can feel the urge to cough start fading away.  This reduction in my urge to cough could be due to a number of things. As I breathe through my nose instead of my mouth the dry throat is less and filtering the air coming in cleans the air I breathe. Focusing on the breath is much like meditation which reduces stress.  It’s worth a try and it’s completely free! That’s quite a savings and well worth taking the time to watch this video as many times as it takes to keep remembering it.  Thank you, Andrew Huberman, for your persistence and great research!

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