What’s The Best EV?

Great video review!  It’s worth your time to do the research.  For the last 12 years we have only leased EV’s as they change so fast and it’s all so new the last thing we want is to get stuck with one we really do not like.  We recently did a 2 year lease on a 2021 Nissan Leaf.  It might go 150 miles on a single charge but when you try to fast charge it the batteries get hot and the car goes into slow mode due to overheating.  It ok for driving around town but long distance, forget it.  Next for us will most likely be this 2022 Mustang Mach-E.  Watch this review and see.  It looks like the next best for us for a few years.  FYI using a C-Corp you can lease any car for your business and never have to waste your time tracking mileage, business trips, or anything else as long as it’s your second car.  You just write off the full lease amount per year and that is it!  Why spend more time dealing with tax reporting.