U.S. Electric Grid – where we are with Renewable Energy in 2022

Here’s why the U.S. electric grid isn’t running on 100% renewable energy yet

This is a great article on where we are and what it will take to get us to 100% renewable on the U.S. electric grid.  The charts bring it home loud and clear!

In Australia, more than 30 percent of homes have rooftop solar and it’s “the cheapest energy that humanity has ever had,” Griffith said. In the U.S., only about 1 to 2 percent of homes have rooftop solar.

Per Dan Ringwald – Does anyone see an opportunity for generating income working in the Solar Business in the U.S.?
Hello, it’s Party Time! 

Firm and consistent rules from the federal government are another shortcoming in the U.S., and that comes down to politics.

Per Dan Ringwald – On Utility companies.  They invest in large land based solar farms to supply electric power to the general public.  That means they are in the solar business but they refuse to invest in rooftop solar on a 25 year lease back for their customers like everyone else and say they are not in that business and fight rooftop solar.  Hello federal government? Are you still sleeping at the wheel on this one.  Someone please kick them in the head and wake them up and regulate a percentage of that and make it increase over time so they can quit fighting rooftop solar and join the team!

Per Dan Ringwald – Last point!  In 2023 everyone will start waking up to what their EV really is!  A Mobile Power Station!  Guess what will rescue all of us and get us off the grid and save all of us a huge amount of money?  Our Mobile Power Stations!  I am still fine being on the grid when I need it, but, we are all going to become much smarter on when and where we use the grid.  Bidirectional charging to power our homes from our EV’s is going to be very much like the birth of the cell phone.  Really Big!

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