Solar Rights

Solar Rights Alliance – We have a suggestion!

Utility Companies – Get into the Rooftop Solar Game!
Utility companies nationwide are already contracting companies to build them very large ground based solar to feed their company client’s power.  They are already in the solar game!  So why are they fighting Rooftop Solar.  Because they are not in the rooftop solar game and have failed to understand how they can make money in the Rooftop Solar game?

An idea whose time has come!
Solar Leasing
is how Utility companies can generate income from Rooftop Solar.   The fear that utility companies have is that they will be out of business if rooftop solar takes over as everyone will want to be off grid.  The truth is utility companies will go out of business if they do not get in the rooftop solar game.  Elon Musk is a perfect example of how a utility company is born and raised without the need for the grid.  We are not saying we want or need to eliminate the grid.  In some cases we might always need the grid and preferably if it was all buried underground.  Underground is safer, looks better, stops wildfires, and is unfortunately three times the price of above ground.  Three times the price is not so bad if you need way less grid transmission lines due to rooftop solar especially using rooftop solar mini grids.   Utility companies can contract solar installations using all the existing solar companies doing the work but the utility companies pay for their share of installations and then lease out their share of rooftop solar as usual to residential and business locations.  Once the 25 year lease ends the solar might be getting close to needing a replacement and the lease can be renewed or extended.  The same goes for batteries or any other technology  that holds power as a backup.

Federal and State Governments – You need to require that utility companies provide some percentage of clean energy from specifically rooftop solar.  Once that process has begun they can increase the percentage requirements over time.  All Federal and State tax incentives should be there for utility companies, residential and business rooftop solar.  Also competitive rates from different companies to encourage higher returns for rooftop solar power returned to the grid.  This will now also benefit the utility companies as well because they are now included in the rooftop solar game!

Our suggestion?  Fill out the form and donate to any company like Solar Rights Alliance that passes your request to state agencies to mandate utility companies to get into the Rooftop Solar Game!