PG&E claims home solar is racist, wants to gut program

Full Article – I am sure if you checked PG&E most of their Investors are white, so stop the race card.  That is just another smoke screen.  The entire United States power grid is Betamax, VHS, and Blockbuster old technology whose time has past.  Decentralized Rooftop Solar for home and business puts an end to transmission lines which is 70% of everyone’s electric bill.  Of course all utility companies want to stop Rooftop Solar as it is putting them out of business.  Are we putting an end to fossil fuel?  Yes, and for a good reason, it’s killing all life on planet earth.  Have transmission lines killed people? Yes, from all the downed transmission lines that start fires.  Burying the transmission lines in the ground will cost three times a much.  Replacing transmission lines with Rooftop Solar as much as possible solves many problems.  Utility companies need to move into and expand on Rooftop Solar as a source of their income or go out of business.  Pure and simple!  Tesla is becoming a utility company with no transmission lines.  If Tesla can do it so can the current utility companies.  The government can help this transition with their usual tax incentives.