Nissan Leaf 7-1-4

Road Trip! Can our Nissan Leaf all-electric car
make it from Santa Barbara to San Simeon ?
Will it work on a Tesla charge station? Click above and see!

I will say there is a saving going solar on your home.  We went from a $400 per month electric bill to SCE to $190 per month to SolarCity to lease purchase our solar over the next 20 years with no money out-of-pocket.  Now we are only $0.79 per month to SCE.  There is a saving driving an electric car even if you do not have solar on your home, it is still less than paying for gas.  What really surprised me was the combination of solar on our home and driving our all-electric Leaf.  We found that driving the Leaf around town about 35 miles a day and charging at home with our solar only raised our electric solar bill by about $0.50 per month.  I ask my SolarCity rep if I was missing something because it didn’t make any sense to me.  He said yes, you are missing something, the SCE transmission charges which are 70% of everyone’s bill.  He said once you start producing your own energy from solar at home, and not paying those transmission charges, you now see how little power you really need or use.

My recommendation for now, do not buy an electric car, lease one.  Especially if you can write it off on your business.  We are still in the VHS vs Beta phase of battery technology and 300 miles of range and more will be here soon, as in the next three years!  Here is another option for range anxiety.  We have recently noticed a growing number of people who don’t care what kind of car they have.  If they are going on a long trip the cost of renting is so low they would rather rent a car for a long trip then put all the miles on their car also risking accidents and damage to their car.  My last trip to Las Vegas was about $15 per day plus gas 2 tanks one there and one back for a total of about $200 from Santa Barbara round trip.  Eventually electric cars will be less expensive to rent than gas because there is almost no maintenance.  The future of transportation looks good and you might not even want or need an electric car that goes more than 100 miles.  We don’t.  We will just rent one.

All this really made me see how we have all been ripped off for that last 100 years to pay the price for GAS.  As you can see in 2014 we are still fighting and killing people around the world so we can keep our price of gas down.  I’ll pass on that and you should too!  I love this country and our military personnel that help defend it.  Unfortunately we have all been suckered into putting money in someone else’s pocket, not ours.  We really need to wake up and help our self and the rest of the world!  It’s time to KICK GAS and help others do the same.