Kia EV6 and V2L

André Laurence, of EV-olution is seen here running V2L tests  on a Kia EV6

As an RV’er this is interesting as it indicates you can plug your RV directly into the Kia EV6 using the V2L (vehicle to load) adapter to power your RV during dry camping and get at least some useability.

It looks like the V2L could be used to connect directly to an RV you just need to only run one or two things at a time. Appliances like AC units and electric space heaters cannot be used at all and that’s ok as long as you know what appliances you can use and when and how to use them.

It really helps those of us with RV’s see we are slowly getting to the place with EV cars and trucks to eventually power the RVs for days of dry camping. Even the RVs are slowly heading in the electric mode and eventually will help increase the driving range. The overload reset tests are good to know nothing in the Kia EV6 will be destroyed just need resetting. If we are doing one or two things at time, we can do most of what we need. The trucks like Ford F150 EV and Chevy Silverado EV will do more and still a learning curve there too.
We are on the road to progress!