Emporia Energy for your Home!

Emporia Energy – Finally! Personal Power – Smart Home Energy Management!

You know you have made it to the future when you see and use the products, services and support Emporia Energy has to offer.  I am just blown away at how good their Support via chat is.  It’s fast, it’s good,  and they know their companies products.  I am using their Energy Monitors, Smart Plugs, and Energy Management and they work great and supply lots of information and functionality.

EV & V2X Chargers – I am sure the EV charger works fine.  What I am really looking forward to is the V2X Chargers that will let just about all EV’s act as a battery backup for your home!  Their Home Batteries appear to be small enough that one should be a decent price.  You will be able to stack up to 6 of them and with the ability to use your EV as a backup battery you might only need one of their backup batteries.  It will be interesting to see how well their systems integrate with existing Tesla, GM, Ford, and other home energy systems.  Also if they can be independent of the of the grid and function as stand alone systems.

Life just keeps getting better and Emporia Energy is proving it!