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by Dan Ringwald / on 15 June, 2024

EV Charging Off Grid

Practical aspects of EV Charging Off Grid and EV Charging Off Grid – Google Gemini AI I have combined a couple of articles here to help you understand some of the best ways to charge your EV Off Grid.  The real intention here is how
by Dan Ringwald / on 9 July, 2023

100% Energy Independence vs 100% Off Grid

100% Energy Independence vs 100% Off Grid There really is a difference here and you can easily be 100% Off Grid and still missing two thirds of all you Energy Expenditures.  Home Gas and/or Propane Gas and especially Auto Gas for one car at
by Dan Ringwald / on 30 December, 2022

U.S. Electric Grid – where we are with Renewable Energy in 2022

Here’s why the U.S. electric grid isn’t running on 100% renewable energy yet This is a great article on where we are and what it will take to get us to 100% renewable on the U.S. electric grid.  The charts bring it home loud
by Dan Ringwald / on 25 December, 2019

CA Power Outage Way of Life

How Power Shut Offs are changing California’s Way of Life Every gas station, grocery store and restaurant closed due to massive power shut offs as part of the state’s efforts to avoid a major wildfire. The mayor found himself loaning out his personal pickup truck
by Dan Ringwald / on 22 October, 2014

Off Grid

Is living off the Grid now a crime? There may be a number of reasons government agencies are targeting homeowners property rights.  Forcing you to connect to the Power Grid may be just another way of making us pay for something we don’t want