by Dan Ringwald / on 11 February, 2012

Tesla Model S

Yes, it's the Tesla Model S !!!! 300 miles on 1 charge !!!!!!!!!  check this out!
by Dan Ringwald / on 22 December, 2011

Go Green Help

We now have a Go Green form for you to fill out so we can begin helping you cut or end your total energy expenses! You can check out the video belo
by Dan Ringwald / on 13 December, 2011

CFL – Scary Movie!

Check out our LED lighting page and steer clear of the CFL's
by Dan Ringwald / on 2 December, 2011

Far Infrared Heating panels

These Far Infrared Heating panels are new and exciting so check them out! Far Infrared   We recently had a Go Green meeting as see...
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