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Apricot Back Office Updates – as of 3-19-23
on behalf of Dale Guiducci
danringwald personalpowerproject.com

Good morning, Dan

Be assured that the leadership of this team is listening to you and is most likely experiencing the same issues that you are. We are working diligently with the Apricot tech personnel to enhance the tools that we have.

Along those lines, several enhancements have been requested by our team to make the back office more robust and applicable to our business model.

These enhancements include but are not limited to:

– Allowing a Trainee to upload utility bills through their back office directly to their upline Trainer
– Allowing for the 10% commission to the Recruiter to be paid automatically
– Making the commission and points allocation tool more user friendly
– Adding an area where the Trainee can alert their upline that they have completed the online orientation
– Informing the Trainee of not only the name and contact information of their Sponsor/Recruiter but also their Trainer

Another change that is coming is that a new Recruit/Trainee will no longer need to complete new hire documents in the initial recruiting process. New hire documents include a w-9 form and bank account information. The Payroll dept. will instead contact the Trainee directly once they have been involved in a sale.

This change will allow for a smoother and more seamless onboarding process and less hands-on management by the Recruiter and/or Trainer. Our new recruits will appear in our Apricot Team tab immediately upon filling out the registration form at the end of the video they receive when you send them your Affiliate Link.

In relation to this change, the form at the end of the video they watch when you send them your Affiliate link will have some additional information and acknowledgments.

***Please note that some of you may see this change already while others do not. Please continue to monitor your Recruits tab to see if people are still showing up with the designation, “Docs Not Signed”. If you see this, please follow through with that Recruit to have them sign their new hire docs. As before, the email comes from PandaDocs and may be in the Recruit’s Spam folder. Ask them to look for an email not from Apricot but from Panda Docs.

Over the next week or two you will see changes/updates to your Apricot back office. As a result, there may be some glitches that you notice that are cleared up just a few hours later. If a specific Recruit is not showing up, there is no need to panic. It simply means that changes are being made. Make note of that Recruit and refresh your back office later in the day or the next morning.

Please be patient through this process. The growth of this team is dramatic, and our sales totals are increasing at a staggering rate. Think of it this way. If we can do what we’ve done with the tools that we’ve had, what can we do with more user-friendly, more applicable, and more robust tools?

Stay focused on what’s important to the growth of your Apricot business. Getting yourself to Trainer, building your team, and having your Trainees get electric bills so you both can close sales and get them to Trainer. Then they repeat the process. This is our job in the field. This is what can make you millions of dollars.


Dale Guiducci
Apricot Solar Trainer

Sent to: danringwald@personalpowerproject.com