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The Personal Power Project is all about Personal Power.  There is an organization on the planet that is taking this Personal Power all the way into the Future.  Infinity and Beyond!  My first thought was, we went to the moon 40 years ago and still haven’t managed to get back there.  These scientists actually think we will be immortal in the next 40 years!?!

There are a few differences from the past 40 years.  We have a lot more people on the planet now and the joint effort on this one is probably already larger than going to the moon.  We also have way more computing power and that computing power is exponential as time moves forward.  That means it just might happen in 40 years.  One thing is for sure.  Even if it takes 100 years, we are heading there and there is no stopping it.  I must say the lasik eye surgery I got a few years back was the best gift I ever gave myself.

You might not want to live an extra few hundred years, thousand years, or be immortal.  Here is something to think about.  If you had a choice to live the life you have now or go back and live like a caveman which would you choose.  Probably 100% of us would choose to live the life we have now.  Imagine life 100 years from now.  Ask them if they would like to live that life or go back 100 years and live this life.  We already program our minds all the time.  If we succeed in programming our minds in the next 100 years to express a higher level of love and harmony,  our current life might look like the caveman days.  You might be thinking, we have had thousands of years and our level of love and harmony hasn’t changed that much.  Well, that is where technology might help speed up our evolution.  We shall see. Fasten your seat belts.  This ride will continue speeding up!  Learn how to enjoy it!