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In the beginning was the WORD and from that all was created.  What does the Power of our Word have to do with the Personal Power Project?  For those that think it has something to do with religion, it doesn’t, and it’s fine if you want to include it.  As you will begin to see it means different things to different people, and constantly changes as we grow and expand our conscious mind.

The power of our word is where our true power comes from.  Once we begin to understand how powerful our word is we will begin to understand how we have the power to stop all wars, in our mind, in our home, our community, our country, and the world around us.

Who would you have to be to play this game?  Everyone Included, No One Left Out!

In order for us to help express the Power of Our Word we have a family story we would like to share with you.

Please see The Family Story


Personal Development –> Online Meetings

Our Online Meetings are usually held once a week with dates and times posted on the Meetings page.  If the date is old that means there is no Online Meetings until we schedule one up.  The meetings work best with a headphone that include a microphone so it reduces the noise and feedback.  We focus on your top 3 Goals that you would like to complete within the next 12 months.  If you know you can complete your top 3 Goals in a few weeks you are not thinking BIG enough.  These top 3 Goals are the most important things in your life that you know will not come easy and will take months to complete even if you stick with it.  What we have noticed is that if you actually spend only 30 minutes a week organizing, thinking about, focusing on, and making the meetings, your goals actually start showing up sooner than you would have expected.  Due to the laws of attraction things just surprisingly start lining up much faster.  We all work as a team helping to build your momentum for success.  Working with a group of people acts as a master mind group, adding suggestions you might not have thought about.  There are was to get this coaching FREE as seen below.

Personal Development one-on-one Coaching and
Group Coaching with Dan Ringwald all done with GoToMeetings

Please see our Personal Development Group Coaching rates below
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Before signing up for any coaching you should always call us for some free consultation time.  You are welcome and encouraged to attend a few GoToMeetings FREE so you can see how it all works and IF you are up for facing your Goals with the commitment to Turn your Dreams into Reality!

What is the value of Coaching?  Here at the Personal Power Project, we feel that everyone has a gift to give.  No matter what level you are at there will always be someone above you, to coach you, and there will always be someone below you, that you can coach.  Yes, seriously!  Whatever gift you have and truly enjoy, there will be someone in the world that wants to know more about your gift and would love to learn something from you.  Now that we have the Internet we all have a huge market of people above us and below us that we can work with, and learn from, all the time.  Are you having a hard time finding a job?  Create one.  Start helping people and make sure you have a coach.  Learn from that coach so you can pass those lessons on to others.  Our education and the gifts we have to give can continue until the day we die so let’s enjoy this life while we have it.  Learn, Earn, and Return, all that you can.

Coaching – Signup Here

You get ongoing coaching and training, plenty of time to ask your questions, work with the tools and programs that help make you successful, see what others are doing, and how you can generating amazing results in your life by making Personal Development, goal setting, and life tracking go from, “I wish I could, to, I am glad I did”.


Personal Development

Below we have links for personal development, education, training, and more.  We are always looking to grow so please do email us your suggestions so we can continue to grow and help others grow, and enjoy the miracle of  life and all the opportunities around us.


Paul Finck


Personal Power Project and Santa Barbara REIA pricing of Paul Finck’s materials are below.  Paul is giving us a break on the pricing because we use and promote his coaching.  It is required that you purchase these educational tools if you want Personal Development coaching from Dan Ringwald on Paul Finck’s programs.  Dan Ringwald is coaching people at the beginning levels so you  can eventually work your way up to direct coaching from Paul Finck.  You can, of course, go to Paul Finck directly from the beginning if you are ready and willing to make that commitment.  You may Contact Dan Ringwald with any questions before making any purchases.

Ninja Communications Course – $47.00
Life Mastery Success Course – $147.00
Ninja Communications and Life Mastery Combination – $175.00
Blueprint for Success – TBA

All of these programs include (2) tickets to Paul’s Mindset Mastery Experience.
I look forward to speaking with you any time

Keith Meals
Mind Games, LLC


Who would you have to be to play this game?  Everyone Included, No One Left Out!

The Hunger Project

We are modeling the Personal Power Project from the same organization that created The Hunger Project, which is Landmark Education.  Here you can see what is really possible and just how big the possibility is.  Join us and share the excitement as we help people gain their personal power and freedom one person at a time.


Landmark Education
Landmark Blog

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Be a part of the Personal Power Project and experience what happens as you begin to empower yourself and those around you.
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