Power of our Word

Personal Power through Personal Development
Empowering One Person and One Nation at a time

In the beginning was the WORD and from that all was created.  What does the Power of our Word have to do with the Personal Power Project?  For those that think it has something to do with religion, it can, and some just call it our higher Power.  As you will begin to see it means different things to different people, and constantly changes as we grow and expand our conscious mind.

The Personal Power Project was actually born out of my desire for personal development, growth and the companies and people who helped me on my path.  We talk a lot about Renewable Energy here.  Make no mistake it’s more than just solar.  Imagine waking up each day and looking in the mirror and seeing that beautiful face of yours and saying “I can feel my Renewable Energy from my good night’s sleep and it feels like another Christmas Day”!  We get to enjoy each day unwrapping all those presents.  It might be a new job, traveling on a vacation, a new girlfriend or boyfriend, a great book to read.  Each day is a new and great adventure and you just never know what is inside all those presents!  We can be present and open to the possibility of each and everyone of them!

The power of our word is where our true power comes from.  Once we begin to understand how powerful our word is we will begin to understand how we have the power to stop all wars, in our mind, in our home, our community, our country, and the world around us.

Who would you have to be to play this game?
Everyone Included, No One Left Out!

In order for us to help express the Power of Our Word we have a family story we would like to share with you.

The Family Story – It brings tears to my eyes every time I read this!

Who would you have to be to play this game?
Everyone Included, No One Left Out!

Landmark Education
I feel this education constantly recreates who am!
I celebrate it ever 10 years! The new me!

The Hunger Project

We are modeling the Personal Power Project from the same organization that created The Hunger Project from Landmark Education.  Here you can see what is really possible and just how big the possibility is.  Join us and share the excitement as we help people gain their personal power and freedom one person at a time.

Abraham HicksA great source for gaining your Personal Power!
I love this woman!  She makes my life so easy to love how I feel 😍!
You do get what you Focus on and Esther Hicks has many wonderful insights as to what it takes to be happy and feel good in life.
Don’t pass up on her words of wisdom!

Be a part of the Personal Power Project and experience what happens as you begin to empower yourself and those around you.

Contact us and we will include you and the difference you make in the Personal Power Project!