Power of our Freedom

666 – Sign of the Beast?
or Freedom for the Majority
Monitoring and Tracking for those that need it?

When it comes to monitoring and tracking people we are already there.  Back in the 1960’s we thought 1984 and Big Brother would show up as video cameras everywhere.  Welcome to the future.  Here we are with video cameras everywhere and most people are not that concerned about it.  The truth in tracking and monitoring is that everyone is totally tracked and monitored from their cell phones, our every move and every transaction.  There is your 666.  It’s not stamped on our forehead, it’s in our hands.

Tracking and monitoring people will continue to grow as a huge debate and one that needs careful attention.  We know that people will need to vote wisely on these issues as we all know where this could lead.  A huge reduction in our Personal Power and Freedom.  It could also increase our Personal Power and Freedom if managed properly.  To managed these issues properly means being involved in the voting process.  Researching and debating all the possible solutions so people get solutions that we like and solutions that actually work.

When it comes to violent criminals and the violent mentally ill we obviously have the technology to implant and monitor stress levels, blood pressure and samples, heart rate, temperature, GPS, lie detection, and even brain activity.  Doing this on a few people who need it would cost a lot less than monitoring millions that don’t need it, at the cost of our privacy and freedom.  The question is do we go there or are we already heading this direction and how closely will it be watched so it doesn’t get out of control.

Will more killings in schools and terrorist activities mean less freedom for the innocent as we stand in long lines at the airport terminals waiting for hours being scanned and monitored?  More fear for our children in the schools, our shopping times, and our leisure times at the local theaters and parks?  Will more monitoring of the perpetrators help regain the freedom of the innocent?  These are some questions that people will have to ask and vote on for answers and solutions.  We will always have to watch the fine line of tracking and monitoring the human race.  Our combined educated vote is our first step in the process of creating a life that works, and a world that evolves in a better direction, and not leaving it to our government to dictate their power over us.

Below are the beginnings of links to information to help keep us thinking where this is all going and hopefully how we can give to the direction we want it to go.  666 isn’t what is, it’s what we make it.  We do have a choice on just how it all happens.


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