Lighting with LED

We at the Personal Power Project are proud to announce we are now selling,
installing, and servicing Lighting Products.

Question?  What light fixture last the longest, saves the most energy, is the least expensive to run, and is best on your health, and the best for the environment?  Yes, its LED lighting.  Now you have a wide choice through the Valuegreen web site and customer support for all your questions.  In fact you may get discount pricing if you call them direct.

Of course you could go the other direction with CFL lighting and make a big mistake as seen below. First let’s say we have a problem with the new CF lights as seen on the YouTube
video’s Dirty Electricity – Part 1 through 3.  You probably already know about
the mercury poison in these bulbs which create a huge environmental problem when
it comes to disposal.   What you most likely haven’t heard is the ultra violate
radiation which cause skin problems and the radio frequency noise that creates
migraine headaches.  Click on the YouTube video below and get the rest of the

Click on the picture and check this out!

OK need a little more on this?

Click on this to see the dirt on CFL lighting!

Now, is it worth spending a little more up front for LED lighting to gain all the rest down line.  Keep that red face in mind the next time you are in line to buy.

You can call Dan Ringwald at 866-853-0803 for discount pricing or any installation needs.  We do major commercial installations nation wide through our network affiliates, or leave a comment or reply below.

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